Thursday, June 07, 2012

No More Blog Posts Until Saturday

In my medically and medicated conditions, I have not been keeping up with the Brett Kimberlin saga as I should.
But a great place to get enormous background and first hand the evil that is Kimberlin in here at The Other McCain.
This Kimberlin douchebrain is one piece of work. But regrettably, a smart one.
Why thanks to either Kimberlin or one of his goons, a new word has entered the vocabulary of the blogosphere.
Yep, SWATting. When someone has enough to call the police on you and say that some horrible crime has occurred at your residence. Unbeknownst to the victim, police will come banging at your front door and thus, it could be the local SWAT team.
If you think that is BS, ask  Erick Erickson, Patrick Frey of Patterico Pontification's, Mike Stack.
All were given the Kimberlin treatment.
Oh, Brett, BTW, I am in Pasadena, California, not Texas, FWIW.
One other thing about this douchbrain is that he is the clown that claimed former Vice-President Dan Quayle bought dope from him while he was in law school. Of course that turned out to be one of the many lies this douchebrain gave to the leftywhore media, always looking for anything bad and or wrong about any conservative.
But if you go further in the Wikipedia link, this Kimberlin douchebrain became the worst kind of lawyer. A jailhouse lawyer. One who had a lot of time on his hands since he was serving time in a federal prison. Plenty of time to really read the law if you will.
This douchebrain is a lefty jail bird who probably should be there now. But, alas, he is not. He is stirring a lot of trouble.
And this leads to why I will be silent tomorrow, Friday, June 8, 2012.
Over at Ace of Spades, Ace calls for a Day of Silence from those of us in the conservative blogosphere, and those that believe in freedom of speech for all. A day in which the only blog I will post will be the open letter to congress that Ace is going to put up.
A lot of people got all worked up over the SOMA act and that is fine, but this is just as if not more important.
People can not try to shut people up because they do not like what they are writing about. If it is blatantly false, then corrections are always necessary. But if is not incorrect and the information is factual, then it needs to be out there. If one does not like it, refute it.
I admit, one of the reasons this is personal for me is one of the best people in the conservative blogosphere, Robert Stacy McCain is being railroaded. Another friend, political activist Ali Akbar, is now in the cross hairs of Kimberlin and his people.
Freedom of speech is for all, not just those we like. And reporting on very uncomfortable things is also protected. It is that pesky First Amendment to the United States constitution. You know, the one that protects freedom of the press.
That is all for now. Until Saturday. . .

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Totally unrelated, but I got an 18 on that "Obama Test."

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