Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Must Run For President

All the signs are beginning to point to it.
So I will lay out the case as to why the former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, must run for the Republican nomination for president.
First, I think that it would send an instant jolt in not only the Republican establishment, but among Democrats as well.
The Republican establishment is convincing itself that it can only win the White House if they nominate someone kind of moderate. Milquetoast. Say like a John Huntsman. The moderate. Or Milquetoast. Like Tim Pawlenty. These are the same folks that fought one Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980. Told us ol' Johnny Mac or Rudy Guiliani were the only guys with a fighting chance in 2008. Of course all these same brain trusts thought that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat presidential nominee.
In my mind, once they got over the initial shock, many would look at the instant energy of a Palin campaign and realize that she would have a fighting chance. After all, that is what many did for Mr. Reagan in 1980 once it was clear George H. W. Bush was not going to stop the Reagan train.
For the Democrats, they should be careful what they wish for. After all, in 1980 Team Carter wished for Mr. Reagan to be the Republican nominee. He was then what Mrs. Palin is now. Not a part of the establishment wing of the Republican party.
Secondly, Mrs. Palin would be able to amass the kind of money that it will take to match the Dear Leader, President Obama and his team.
Secondly, excitement would a Palin run bring to the whole Republican party.
One of the constant themes we are hearing this time around is that many a Republican voter is not all that excited about the current field of candidates. Announced, unanounced and waiting on the sidelines. No doubt Mrs. Palin would change that just with a hint of an announcement.
Third, focus.
Look for a potential Palin canididacy to focus not on beating up fellow Republicans. She would have her eye right on Public Enemy Number One to Republicans. That would be the Dear Leader, President Obama. She could and will go right up to his grill. Respectfully, of course and as she should.
Fourth, she is already that most vetted of the candidates, and or potential candidates.
In case anyone forgot, once she was announced as John McCain's number two in 2008, she became the most vetted person for the second spot in history. The only thing that we do not know is the exact day and time she became a full-fledged woman. But give that time, I am sure. The point being that there would not be any surprises that could befall any of the other candidates. We know Mrs. Palin and her record as governor.
Fifth, she would be the only candidate that could get the United States out of the energy morass that we are in. No doubt, coming from an oil producing state, she has first hand knowledge that others do not. And, she is not in bed with the eeeeevvviiiiilllll big oil companies. In fact as governor she went up against them on more than one occasion. And the energy morass and the economy will be the top issues of the campaign. No doubt about that.
Sixth, she can connect with people on a real level. Save for Mr. Pawlenty's background, Mrs. Palin has not always had life so easy. She can relate to one trying to make ends meet. She can and does get it and wants to do the right things that will bring people up from their station in life. She has done it.
A note is that during the Presidential Death March of '08, it was Mrs. Palin that wanted to make a last-ditch effort to contest for the state of Michigan. Maybe Michigan was not or ever in play. One never knows. But Mrs. Palin and her husband, Todd, wanted to make one last try. They would have done what Team McCain just could not do. Speak right to the voters. Not just with knowledge but from the heart. In a sense, she is like the Dear Leader, President Obama. They can connect with people.
Seventh, she will be able to promote a plan to cut the size and scope of the federal goverment. And that in her experience as Alaska governor.
Ahh, but there are bumps in the road.
One is the fact that she did not finish her term as governor. I believe that she should have. But she resigned. And she made a lot of money to pay for legal bills due to friviolus lawsuits against her in a campaign reform law that she championed as governor. While charge after charge was disproven, she racked up necessary legal bills.
And maybe the American people will not like the fact that she another young whippersnapper. Again, not unlike the Dear Leader, President Obama. Maybe Republicans will want an "adult" this time. Like a Mitt Romney.
But we will not know the answer unless Sarah Palin runs. And she must for the good of the Republican party and the United States of America.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree ! Palin left the governorship to make money. She got a taste of national politics and craved the spot light. Sarah loves being the center of attention as most political people seem to crave. I believe when she runs for political office again,it will not be an easy task due to her past record of quitting. The true Sarah Palin will be exposed and that my friend would not be acceptable. She likes to have things done her way,.The big problem with Sarah is not showing up for meetings or other functions in which she has committed herself to being there. The american people will tire of this behavior. I believe she will not run for President,Sarah is not stupid and she will not give up her power and income base.Sarah Palin in my opinion is a flake! Watch and observe but do not get your hopes up on this women.