Sunday, February 18, 2007

Why The Buzz About Mormons?

Since former Massachussetts Gov. Willard "Mitt" Romney (R-Mass) announced he was running for president, many in the DBDMSM have decided that it is time to expose him for being-get ready folks-a Mormon! Oh heavens! Oh the humanity!
So, what is the big deal, I mean are they not Christians? Would we call them protestants?
Well, most people can simply go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, what Mormons are officially known as, website ( and pretty much find out what one needs to to make one self educated about the basic beliefs and practices or the church.
I will admit, it is not what I understand about the Christian faith. I prefer to call some of the different teachings extracurricular Christianity.
They do believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. However, they believe that they are thre disctinct persons, not the three in one. They also believe in another testament of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon. As an Episcopalian, we also have another book, the Book of Common Prayer. It is not in addition to the bible, but the greatest form of worship known to man. That would be the 1928 prayer book. Also, Mormons believe in baptism. But, they do not limit it to the living. They believe in, for shorthand, baptising the dead because they never had the chance to hear the Gospel. Also, it is true that Mormons wear embroidered undergarments. To hear most Mormons explain it, it is like a spiritual fortress and a reminder that they are His own.
Now, I obviously do not subscribe to this religion, but I do not want to denigrate someone who does. And, what is perplexing about this is why now, that a Republican Mormon is running for president is there so much interest and even scorn?
Is not the senate majority leader, Harry Reid, a Mormon? Why has there been no intense scruitny of him as a Mormon? Is it because he is with the right party, the Democrats? One has to wonder.
Here is a new flash. Mormons are no different from any other religion in the United States. There are conservatives, probably the overwhelming majority, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, backsliders, also known as Jackmormons, and everything in between.
If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee and is elected president, he will not be the evangelizer in chief. He will be president of the United States. Of the Roman Catholics, Jews, Protestants and yes, Mormons.
So, we should take a look at Mormons believe so that we get an understanding of what Mr. Romney will be like as president. But, that alone should not be a reason to vote against someone.

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