Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama Announces...YAWN!

So, the new Great Democrat Hope, Barack Obama has made it official, he is running for the Democrat nomination for president.
What a yawn!
Obama, besides being "multicultural" as in black and white, is as to the left of the nation as any other Democrat in the field of announced and semi-announced candidates.
What will give him any edge is that he is, as Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del) put it so subtly, a "clean" and "articulate" black candidate, why the first in the Democrat party. I guess we should not count the Reverends Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. I wouldn't either if I was a Democrat!
But more than that, where the the first term senator stand on the issues?
He does get an "A" for consistency as he has streadfastly been against the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror. We do not know if he takes the fallback, Hillary Clinton position of wanting to put more United States troops in Afghanistan for any reason but to show NOT a total withdrawal from the War Against Terror.
On taxes, he wants to repeal the Bush tax cuts.
On health care, he would fast track the United States into socialist medicine.
On the social issues, he is pro abortion and we are not sure his stand on same sex "marriage". But, he does belong to the most liberal Christian Protestant denomination, the United Church of Christ, which performs same sex "marriage".
Basically, he is to the left of most Americans. He makes Hillary look positively like a moderate.
He will only be able to use the "African American" aspect of his candidacy for so long. Eventually, even the Democrat left wing will want to know how he will govern.
They may be happy, but the rest of America will not and whether or not he wins the Democrat nomination, he, nor any Democrat will be elected president in 2008.

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