Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Don't Look For President McCain

I start by writing that I am not an oracle, soothsayer or clairvoyant. That said, looking at the Republican presidential field, I really believe that the reason Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) is delaying his official announcement for the Republican nomination is because he will announce that he is not running.
Why do I think that?
There are many signs out there.
For instance, since Rudy Giuliani "officially" announced on CNN's Larry King Live that he is running for the GOP presidential nomination, his numbers have gone way up. At the expense of Sen. McCain.
Yes, Sen. McCain is grabbing many of the GOP's best and brightest stratigists, but they are giving lousy advice.
Sen. McCain should be constantly on talk radio. Both Mr. Giuliani and former Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney make themselves easily accessible to the conservative talk radio hosts but also bloggers. Sen. McCain looks tight as a Boy Scout knot on the Sunday morning borefest talk shows.
Most importantly, he has little if any money on hand. Again, both Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Romney have a lot of money on hand and many portals to access more. Also, if I am wrong and Sen. McCain does indeed run, he will have to make a serious choice as to whether or not to accept federal campaign funds. If he does, it will severely limit how much money he can raise on his own. Also, he would be seen by many as a hypocrite who shoved so-called campaign finance reform but when it would come to himself throw it out the window.
One last thing. He tried to run as an outsider in 2000, but in 2008 is doing all he can to try to get the dominant conservative wing of the party in his corner. Good luck!
So, when he finally does make the announcement, if it is to not run, the DDBMSM will try to make it devastating to the hopes of the GOP. They will say this automatically helps Mr. Giuliani, but more will help Mr. Romney.
But, you read it here first. Sen. John McCain will not run for president.
In that case the GOP race will really get interesting.

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