Sunday, February 25, 2007

Four Hours Of Bush-Hating Hell

Tonight, Hollywood gets together for, ostensivly, the academy Awards, but alas, I am afraid that it will turn into four hours of a Bush-hating diatribe from beginning to end.
Now, as is custom, I will not watch such dreck as I get my fill from the evening news, the local newspaper and all sources in between. But, I know at some point, the sanctimonious blowhard, Al Gore will give an acceptance speech for winning the best "Documentary" movie of the year, "An inconvenient Truth." Who knows, he might even announce that he is running for president. Everyone else has.
Personally, I don't get the adulation and adoration of relatively uneducated bores that read lines, adequately at best, and there so-called work. It is, as Cal Thomas ( pointed out in a recent column the anti-hero. We are waiting for bated breath as to where Anna Nicole Smith's decomposing body is going to be buried and what of the many men she had bedded is the father of her only surviving child. We wait to see that next time, Britany Spears may take a razor to slit her throat instead of just shaving her head. We wait to see the next anti-Jewish tirade from the lips of Mel Gibson. The list goes on.
While America fritters away at this anti-hero worship, it is any wonder that the Islamofacists laugh at us as they prepare for the next deadly attack on our homeland. It is no wonder that Mexico lectures us about how we should patrol our borders. It is any wonder that George W. Bush wants to be our president under this climate.
But, trust me. If you like movies and want to watch the academy Awards orgasm tonight, be prepared for four hours of Bush-bashing, the sport of the Socialist left.

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