Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's Already World War III

As the battle heats up in the Middle East, as we fight a multi-front War Against Terror and the worst is yet to come, it is good to know that some people, including President Bush, realize that we are in the middle of World War III and this is just as, if not more important, than the first two World Wars.
The difference in this war vs. Most other wars is the proxy and not proxy terror groups that are at the forefront of the war.
We all know that Al-Queda is in a league all its own and that nations in and out of the Middle East fear them. They are adept and slinking into troubled nations, as they did in Afghanistan and are now doing in Somalia.
But then there is Hamas and Hezbollah that are backed terror groups, primarily by Syria, which also like Saddam's Iraq, a Baathist regime and the real threat to the world, Iran.
We are watching the fuselage in the Middle East and there is no doubt that the proxy war fought by Hamas and Hezbollah will lead to all out war with Syria and eventually Iran.
At some point, we will not be able to stand by idly and watch, we will have to back Israel in this battle. It does not matter to Hamas and Hezbollah if Israel went back to 1967 borders or 1948 borders and gave up "East" Jerusalem. There will be not satisfaction until the Jewish and Christian "Infidels" are driven into the sea.
A sidebar. There are many who, as I do, sympathize with Palestinian Christians. But, in reality they will suffer the most in an Islamofacist Palestinian state. They will be persecuted for being Christians and "Infidels" and will yearn for the days that Israel was in control when they can practice their religion freely. Just ask the Maronite Christians in Lebanon how they have fared under Islamic rule and being part of the power structure in name only.
And if that were to happen, do not expect peace for as they have for centuries the Arabs will fight each other.
So, there is no choice but to back Israel in this titanic struggle and the possibility of ousting Bashar al-Assad is tantalizing. A free Syria may be the key to offsetting a growingly hostile Iran, again the threat to the world, even more than North Korea.
It is gut check time. We can really say we are fighting the War Against Terror or we can whine about timelines and whether or not we get Osama bin Laden. Do we back Israel with the might of the armed forces of the United States or cave in to international, anti Israeli opinion? Mr. President, we are watching.

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