Monday, July 03, 2006

Come To The Right Side Senator Lieberman!

It appears that Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Conn) has a real fight on his hands for reelection. And it is not with a Republican. It is with a fellow Democrat who is running because of the sin that Sen. Lieberman not only supports the war in Iraq, but the president's view on the War Against Terror.
My suggestion for Sen. Lieberman is to come on over to the right side, the Republican side. No, you are not a conservative but something very rare these days. An actual, old-fashioned thinking liberal. One who actually thinks there is something special about the United States and believes that our values and our nation is worth fighting for.
As challenger Ned Lamont gains in the polls, Sen. Lieberman may actually lose his primary battle. Today he said that if he lost he would still run as an independent. I hope that he would reconsider and just switch parties.
It is obvious that because he does what the socialist Democrats say does not happen enough, works with the other side, he has fallen out of favor because that means he is working with the devil himself in wackoland-President Bush.
It does not matter that he has a 90 percent plus pro-Democrat voting record since he was elected to the Senate, but work with Mr. Bush and actually support his view on the War Against Terror and the thanks you get is former Vice-President Al Gore giving you a slap across the face when he bald face lied saying he does not endorse candidates in the primaries. Does anyone remember HEE-HAW Howard Dean and Mr. Gore's gushing endorsement of him in the 2004 presidential race?
I admit, I like Sen. Lieberman because he is a man of deep faith and is not afraid to speak his mind. Goes against the leftward mainstream of his party. I believe that if our media was not biased, there would be gushing articles and Sen. Lieberman's face splashed all over our television screens like the last maverick they jumped on-Sen John McCain(R-Ariz). But now, Sen McCain is realizing that they really don't like him. They liked that he was anti-Bush. Now, Sen. McCain is almost fully on board Team Bush and courting Republican voters, who will rightfully determine if he should be the Republican nominee in 2008.
So, what should Sen. Lieberman do? I say really slap the Democrats in the face and come on to the GOP side. Can you imagine President Bush campaigning for his reelection in Connecticut and on election night, when his victory would be announced, another loss for the Daily Kos crowd.

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