Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel Has The RIGHT To Self Defense

It is amazing that some people, mostly but not entirely on the left, seem to think that a nation that has never started a war to conquer land, Israel, who has taken territory because the enemy has been so weak and has given it back or to a mythical entity called "Palestine" should just keep getting attacked by vowed terrorists and only fight back "proportionately."
Let us be frank, Israel is on the front line in the War Against Terror and they have been getting tormented by rocket attacks from Hamas in the "Palestinian" territory in the south and Hezbollah rocketeers from the north. NO nation, not the United States, not even France, would take it and fight "proportionately." We, and anyone else would fight back with all our might and crush the enemy.
That is what Israel is doing. They are showing the folly of the so-called UN "peacekeepers" and that they are one sided when a bomb hit and four "peacekeepers" were killed. If they were actually doing "peacekeeping" we would not be watching this war in real time day after day, night after night.
Israel is doing what it has always done. Fight back against unprovoked aggression and showing that it will fight back in kind.
But, the appeasement crowd is saying that there should be an immediate, unconditional cease fire. They think that Secretary of State Rice should do something like "shuttle diplomacy" which is always bad news for Israel. They even think that one can negotiate with terrorists like Hezbollah and Hamas.
It is this muddled thinking that never achieves anything but giving in to the terrorists or their patrons. It is time to not take peace at any price but to fight for freedom and to defeat terrorists and their patron states.
We and Israel cannot be taken seriously in fighting terrorism if we negotiate with them. Israel is taking the first step in defeating the terrorists.
The United States should support Israel and not even talk of any kind of cease fire until there is no more Hezbollah military wing and Hamas is cut off. Only then will there be any kind of possible negotiations and only that they will recognize the right of Israel to exist and accept the two-state program.
appeasement will not work. It just delays the inevitable and emboldens those seeking to terrorize. That can not be acceptable. Israel must prevail and another theatre in the War Against Terror will be won.

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