Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stop Calling Concerned Americans Racists!

Ruben Navarrette is a columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune. Over the last few months, almost all of his columns have focused on illegal immigration and or how racist Americans are who do not agree with him and his views on the subject.
In today's latest tome (, Mr. Navarrette brings out the underlying reason why many Americans are concerned about illegal all about racism! And why? Because the Senate had the nerve, I mean nerve, to vote on a resolution that English is the national language. And how dare President Bush say that those who are here illegally should learn English!
What garbage!
Those of us who are concerned about illegal immigration are concerned that they are not assimilating into American cultural life. They are clinging on to their language and customs and guilt-ridden liberals see nothing wrong with that.
I would like to point out Canada as an example of this gone wild.
One province, Quebec, speaks French as the main language. Roughly about eighty percent of the population is French Canadian. Yet the WHOLE country has to speak French and English. The French Canadians are seen with contempt everywhere else in Canada. They have blackmailed a nation into giving in to keep this province from separating and becoming a separate nation.
If people coming to the United States want this then we already have a problem.
It is not racism but trying to get a common sense approach into actually integrating these people into common American life.
If that is racism, then I am one. But it is not.
I do not want to take away the fact that anyone wants to have ties to the old country, but it is the old country. Once someone comes to the United States, they will give up that nation and become something very unique and cherished, Americans.
So, there is nothing wrong with congress and the president saying the obvious. English is the national language. It is the real pathway to citizenship.
It is too bad that Mr. Navarrtte does not get it. Fortunatly most Americans do.

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