Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Little Comparison

In today's New York Post(www.nypost.com), a short column by Arnold Ahlert points out the difference between radicals in two religions.
I am giving it away, but Mr. Ahlert compares the hysterical reaction in the Islamic world over some cartoons that supposedly depict the Prophet Mohammed and the reaction in Christian, predominantly Roman Catholics over the movie The DaVinci Code.
While it is very offensive to Orthodox Christians, there are not maniacs rioting in the streets looking to hang author Dan Brown of the same name as the movie. Yes, there are peaceful protests.
In the Islamic world, there is rioting, destruction and death.
I know that President Bush refers to Islam as a "religion of peace" but most of its followers are fanatics that are willing to die for something as cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.
Those of us offended by the DaVinci Code look to it as an opportunity to share the Gospel message and that Jesus Christ is infact the Son Of God and putting your trust in him can save your life.
Read the Ahlert column, see the scorecard for yourself.
Any questions?

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