Monday, May 22, 2006

Juan Williams and Those Who Think We're Nativists

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams during the roundtable portion referred to those of us who favor border enforcement first as racists and the new word, "Nativists." and that may be the most backhanded insult of this debate.
Let's be fair. There are a minute few who have latched on to this issue and are infact racists, nativists or something even worse. But they are far and few between.
The overwhelming vast majority of us who want enforcement first, overall immigration reform second are not racists or nativists. We are very concerned about the fact that unfettered illegal immigration will lead to a breakdown in our society.
Maybe Mr. Williams needs to join Bill Kristol and those who do not have a clue as to what goes on here in California and make a month-long trip and see what the cost, not benefit, of illegal immigration hath wrought.
The fact is that because most do not have any health insurance, they overwhelm the emergency rooms at hospitals and free clinic programs. These are people and they do get sick, or injured at work or other situations. Because we are America, we do not turn them away. In California, the cost is so staggering that many whole hospitals are shutting down making a bad situation worse.
Many of the children of illegals are in school. Overwhelmingly, they do not speak English and have no incentive to. Even though in California we are an English immersion state, many school districts are through the back door promoting and teaching billingual education. That costs money. Also, because most parents do not want the school or the district to know they are illegals, there is no parental involvement.
Think illegal aliens do not commit crimes? Of course they do.
Because of the way our system works, if the crime is committed within the boundaries of a county, the county gets to first administer justice. If the criminal is convicted, they serve the time and then get to go through the federal deportation process.
It is all of this that is bankrupting California.
This is why we need strict enforcement of the law first. If that works, the rest of comprehensive immigration reform makes perfect sense.
But, it does not look like the two will be separated. So, that means that when the bill that passes the senate goes to conference, those who want strong enforcement must make the case and get what we can.
This is a national and security crisis that all sides need to take seriously.
It would also be helpful for people like Juan Williams to stop calling names and think about what serious people are saying about the serious issue of border enforcement.

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