Thursday, May 25, 2006

Schwarzenegger to Veto Gay Education

California governor Arnold Schwarzennger will veto a bill moving through the California lesgisature that would add one's sexual orientation to history textbooks under the guise of their contributions to history.
That is a good thing.
Let me be clear, there are many gay and lesbians who have contributed to history and they are already known without having to make a big deal about their sexuality. Taking that approach would mean that all heterosexuals would have to be identified as such. So would bisexuals and polygamists.It goes down a really bad road that takes history over the cliff.
We have a hard enough time just trying to get young children in school to begin with, why make it harder? Most children are, regrettably, not really interested in history in the first place. What schools need to do is try creative ways to teach history, not political correctness and placating an extremely small minority.
There are ways that in teaching history it comes out, so to speak, that someone in history was gay or lesbian.
What we need is to ask the California legislature to concentrate on actually educating California's youth and not indoctrination.
Governor Arnold is making the right decision.

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