Monday, September 21, 2015

The Next GOP Casualty Is Scott Walker

According to The New York Times, the Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, will be the second candidate to drop out of the presidential race as he will make the announcement a formality today at 4:00 pm, PDT.
This may have been prompted by the latest CNN/ORC poll which puts Mr. Walker in asterisk territory. Not good for a campaign that should be much better than it is.
Another factor was two rather weak debate performances. Let's face it that it was pretty hard for anyone to get in words edgewise against the current front runner, Donald J. Trump. But that is no excuse. When Mr. Walker spoke it was mostly about his tenure, an excellent one, as the governor of Wisconsin. But really nothing that set him apart from say someone like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. To be blunt, Mr. Walker seemed to be not ready for the big game.
That does not mean Mr. Walker does not have a future in Republican politics. After all he is only 50 years old and can now finish his term as governor. There is always another presidential run or a more realistic run for the United States senate.
Good luck to Gov. Scott Walker.

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