Saturday, September 12, 2015

Say San Fran, How's That Sanctuary Going For You?

An interesting post by Jazz Shaw over at Hot Air shows that the group Judicial Watch obtained information on crime in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, and, surprisingly crime-especially violent crime-is up in the city by the bay.
According to the report, since San Francisco became an official sanctuary city in 2011, arrests for murder have increased a substantive 55% with arrests for rapes increasing a staggering 370%. Yes, you read that right, 370%.
The following chart is helpful in following the trend. For your help in understanding the code violations:

187 - First and second degree murder.
240 - Simple assault.
243 - Battery.
261 - Rape.

Again, keep in mind that these are cases in which an arrest has been made. This is not counting any case that is unsolved. And according to the Judicial Watch press release the above are for arrests and bookings. Again, there is nothing about the actual number of murders, per se in the city.
So the question in this.
Is this a direct result of being a sanctuary city and the sheriff's department expanding the meaning of sanctuary city so as to not hand over any suspected illegal alien to federal law enforcement?
While it seems that there is a casual possibility, it is hard to quantify because, by sheer coinkidink, the sheriff's department of San Francisco county does track such a thing through it's jail management system.
Thus I come to the same conclusion that Jazz does and that it is not clear but extremely probable the spikes are at least related to the sanctuary city enforcement and the perception that if one is an illegal alien criminal, and just being an illegal alien does not count in this, they will simply go through the system like any other criminal.
But look at this year compared to all of last year. Already there are 78 murders in which an arrest and or booking has been made. There are 54 assaults. Which means with three and a half months left of 2015, 58 more murders and 40 assaults will have to take place to surpass the 2014 total. And with the trajectory edging upward, the chances that it will be higher than last year are better than 50/50.
The problem in seeking ways to engage in such crime protection and or prevention is that by not tracking the status of those going through the jail system there is not knowledge if it is indeed due to increasing crime by criminal illegal aliens or just the overall rise in crime that we are seeing in many major American cities.
What the powers that be in San Francisco are doing is intentionally burying their heads in the sands to appear to be tolerant and somehow morally superior to those cities that do track such statistics and cooperate with federal officials in turning over illegal aliens.
The people of San Francisco, so much as they know of this, need to demand that the sheriff's department make known whether or not a suspected, arrested criminal is an illegal alien and if so turn them over to federal law enforcement.
As an aside, a look at the San Francisco Chronicle website and the local news area shows nothing about this important story.
The reality is that the city of San Francisco is violating federal law and the federal government is doing nothing about it. And the people that elect the sheriff and the city council/board of supervisors (San Francisco is a city-county government.) have no one to blame but themselves.
If the sheriff would take such statistics and there is a correlation between higher violent crime and criminal illegal aliens, it would prove the abject failure of the whole sanctuary city scam. And prove ant-illegal alien pols to be right.

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