Monday, September 21, 2015

Ban The Man Bun

I like to think that I keep a healthy knowledge of pop cultural trends and I knew about the man bun but I did not realize this abomination actually had a name.
It is another blight of hipsterism that has polluted our culture nowadays.
For instance, today I had an appointment that I was really early for. So I took a visit to the nearby Starbucks. I got my beverage and decided that today I would sit outside. I had about 45 minutes and could still freeload WiFi. As I was on the phone looking at something, a gentleman walking by caught my eye. He was sharply dressed in suit and tie. And wearing . . .a MAN BUN!
Sort of looked like this guy.
OK, the beard was slightly better trimmed. But you get the idea.
Like pretty much everything else in hipsterland, this really sucks.
Somehow, this is so cool any guy can look like this, Why where I got the photo from is from a website called Man Bun Hairstyle Tutorial and Blueprint. How tragic.
Now I was criticised on my Facebook page for being a fashion police type. Usually, I don't particularly care. OK, I don't like tattoos. And a man bun can go away as did the dinosaurs.
So here's a RVFTLC confession.
Many a moon ago in college, I wore long hair. It was, to coin a phrase I heard on The Sopranos, a Jewfro. Really, with the right glasses I could have been a young Howard Stern. And even then, I was as much a conservative and Republican as I am today. But I was in college, a hard-rocker and looked the part. Why I even had a leather jacket to prove it.
But my theory held true. I wear my hair relatively short and gave up the leather jacket.
But a man bun?! Seriously?!
I do not get it. And then again, I get very little about the blight of hipsterism.
Seeing men my age (51) wearing such a thing is a sign of the end, folks.
It's all part of the culture that claims to promote individuality. Yet, surprisingly when so many people are doing the same thing, the individual factor goes right out the window.  Which is why certain things become trendy in the first place.
But the man bun is also a sign of male femininity that is rather disturbing. Women throughout the ages have in one way or the other worn their air in a bun. Now the man bun was something in Asian culture, but certainly not Western culture or Islamic or African culture. Now, thanks to hipsters, many a man is growing long hair to match their scraggly beards and wearing their said long hair . . .in a bun like a woman.
Does this light stop? Ever?
It does when it is continued to be mocked and ridiculed. Not by the old farts like me but by the young that are very influenced by pop culture trends.
If there was only a way to ban the man bun . . .


Sandy Wright said...

I love the man bun, it's fun and sexy on the right guy. If a guy wants to grow a beard and have long hair and wrap it up, I think that's wonderful. Individual expression in one's clothing and hair should not be reserved just for females, that is narrow thinking. Just saying...

Righty64 said...

Thank you for reading, Sandy. I just think that a man wearing his hair in a bun is not a good thing. It is not very masculine. Call me sexist and or old fashioned. Once something becomes a trend, it dilutes the individuality factor.