Monday, December 08, 2014

Elizabeth Lauten, The Obama Daughters And Obamawhore Media Bias

Say, before this past weekend, had you ever heard of Elizabeth Lauten?
No?! Neither had I.
But by today, most Americans have heard of her, know at least something about a Facebook post she recently wrote about the daughters of our Dear Leader, President Obama. And that is Malia and Sasha Obama. And because she is a Republican, she gained the righteous wrath of the Obamawhore media.
So who is this Elizabeth Lauten gal?
Until last Monday, she was the communications director of Republican congressman Steven Fincher (R-Tenn.). Before that she was a press aide to former Illinois GOP congressman Joe Walsh and a was a PR gal before that.
Yeah, probably not the best one judging by this kerfuffle.
So, what was it that she wrote on her Facebook page that has the Obama cult and by extension the Obamawhore media?
Here is a screen shot of the now deleted post on her Facebook page:

Now I have read it several times and after the several times reading it, I come to the conclusion that this is a stream of conciseness post. This was not well thought out or something that Miss Lauten really planed to write. It is something we have all done on Facebook at one time or the other.
Before I go on, here is a photo of how Sasha and Malia Obama were dressed:
Well, sorry Miss Lauten, but the girls are dressed rather demure for girls their age in this photo. Sasha, on the right, IS wearing a short skirt, sure. But she is wearing tights and while you can't see them, booties.
On the other hand, Malia IS a little more daring. But again, for a girl of 13 years of age, it is also demure. Malia's sweater is rather long but the skirt, not so much. And what you don't really notice from this photo is that Malia is also wearing tights and booties.
But yeah, they look bored as hell. And maybe they are just sick of hearing their dad drone on and on and on as he is prone to do. So on that front, they are with the majority of Americans today.
Seriously, to the girls, he's dad. And they are probably thinking "When will he shut up and when are we gonna have some of the bird?"
So their daddy, the Dear Leader, President Obama, aka dad, turns to elicit some response and, as teen gals are prone to do, they sighed and or rolled their eyes.
The bottom line is that Miss Lauten made a mountain out of a non-eventful mole hill. I seriously believe that she meant well in her mind. That she thought more people would look at what transpired and think like her. How gauche the junior high school and high school daughters acted at a turkey pardoning.
But why, oh why did the Obamawhore media make a huge deal of this?
Well, where was this made a story?
In an online black website called The Root, which is a subsidiary of, a horrible lefty website if there ever was one.
Here is a clue for people like Miss Lauten.
ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING that you put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever, will be combed through with a beyond fine tooth comb.
While most of us may have never heard of The Root, they made themselves by finding this obscure gal and something silly she ranted on her Facebook page.
Thus, wisely I might add, they had the wherewithal to get a snapshot of the post and while they offered their editorial analysis, that it was a direct diss at the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his daughters.
The rest of the Obamawhore media went to town that this was clear racism, hate of the Obama's, questioning their parental skills, etc., etc.
Why The Washington Post, which seemed to not have enough staff to investigate such actual events as what really happened in Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and other assorted issues surrounding the Obama administration, they sent two reporters to dig as much dirt on Miss Lauten as possible. Why an erstwhile website such as The Smoking Gun, informed us that Miss Lauten was a really bad girl herself. That she was arrested for shoplifting when she was 16 years old. And Chris Cilliza of the Post said poor Miss Lauten had the worst week in Washington.
Needless to say, all of this unwanted publicity caused Miss Lauten to resign her post.
So did anyone ever fire Andrew Sullivan when he went into full conspiracy mode about who the real mother of Tripp Palin is? After all, he still to this day believes that Tripp Palin is not Sarah Palin's daughter but really oldest daughter Bristol Palin's first child. How about to this day all the coverage of the Palin children not on political matters but their behavior?
Did we hear scolding over People magazine and a cover of then President George W. Bushs' daughters, Barbara and Jenna and their partying ways? Look at what made the cover of People back when W was in the White House:
Their escapades made the cover of a gossip magazine.
I thought, according to the liberal left especially, that the children of presidents were off limits to the usual political clap trap and vitriol?
Well, only children when they are in the White House.
For those of us on the conservative side, we see that long running movie, Double Standard.
And it really is a double standard.
But in this particular case, it was a very well played Alinskyite move.
Target, and destroy.
And they did.
The Obamawhore media made Miss Lauten and the possibility of latent racism the story.
Maybe they could read that Facebook post as I did and that it was not well thought out. That it was as I noted a stream of consciousnesses post that may have been written by Miss Lauten with an eye on her own past.
Nope, when it suited their purposes, they willingly used the Obama girls to make a point and destroy a beyond low-level Republican aide.
Miss Lauten has learned a hard lesson and the Obamawhore media has become more and more predictable.
Dissent in Obama's America will not be tolerated. 

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