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And The Fruit Of Anti-Police Rage Is Two Executed NYC Policemen

In my frame of mind, chest cold reeking havoc, I am pained to write this post but it has to be done.
Today in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, two NYC policemen, Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos, were blatantly executed in their police car by one Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a Black man.
It was not like Mr. Brinsley did not know what he was doing. The car that the two policemen were in was a clearly marked NYPD car.
In fact and indeed, it appears that Mr. Brinsley knew what he was doing and showed his intent on his now deleted Instagram site. Here is a bit of intent of Mr. Brinsley:

It is a bit fuzzy and his followers comments are intentionally fuzzed out. So here is what he wrote:

I'm Putting Wings On Pigs Today. They Take 1 Of Ours... ...Lets Take 2 Of Theirs. #ShootThePolice #RIPErivGardner #RIPMikeBrown This May Be My Last Post I'm Putting Pigs In A Blanket.

Charming fellow this Brimsley was.
Oh, the only good that has come out of this is that when police confronted Mr. Brimsley, he ended up killing himself.
That saves the good taxpayers of Brooklyn county the cost and spectacle of a potential trial.
The real story here is that this is the culmination of the anti-police rage in regards to two controversial police cases and one happened to be on Staten Island in New York City.
The first one is the case of Ferguson teen Michael Brown and his killing in August by former local police officer Darren Wilson. The second and more controversial case is that of Eric Garner in New York City in which a videotape appears that an NYPD officer is delivering a fatal chokehold that killed Mr. Gardner.
The purpose us not to re litigate either case but to show how the reaction, media and fanning flames led to today's events in Brooklyn.
Both cases brought out the usual suspects and they made protest all over the United States for weeks. Even in New York City at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season the flagship Macy's department store was the scene of "die-ins" in which people would simply drop to the ground as if they were dead. Here in my neck of the woods, the greater Los Angeles area, many of the protesters thought it would be totally awesome to try to block freeway traffic and in the process scare many people simply driving to their destinations. At least here that was not tolerated and police and California Highway Patrol officers got rid of those vermin quickly.
Led by the current race-huckster par excellence, Al Sharpton, reaction was very quick and definitely biased against anything the police did or did not do in those cases.
But here is the interesting one.
The current New York City mayor, Democrat Bill De Blasio, aka his given name, Warren Wilhelm, had a very negative comment about police and in regards to his teenage son, Dante.
Before that I must give a little bit about Mr. De Blasio and his family which is interesting to say the least.
Mr. De Blasio's wife, Chirlane, is Black and a "former" lesbian.
Say, I thought one was born that way?!
Sorry to digress.
Thus Mr. and Mrs. De Blasio's children are mixed race. They are the aforementioned son, Dante, and a daughter named Chiara. Here is a photo of the family.

It's important to show the family because it goes to the heart of Mr. De Blasio's comments.
And for good measure, Mr. De Blasio is probably the most left-wing mayor ever elected in New York City. That is saying a lot.
So, this is what Mr. De Blasio said when reacting to the Staten Island grand jury not returning an indictment against NYPD officer:

De Blasio said he and his wife Chirlane McCray, who is black, have had to instruct their son how to deal with cops amid a "painful contradiction."
"We've had to literally train him -- as families have all over this city for decades -- how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him," he said.

Why does Mr. De Blasio feel that he has to "train" his son to take "special care" in potential police encounters?
Oh, I think I know why.
Again, look at that photo.
Dante De Blasio is Black and has, to me, a good ol' 70s fro going on. So of course the NYPD is automatically going to harass Dante De Blasio, right? Isn't that what Mr. De Blasio means about the training to take special care?
Of course it is!
Mr. De Blasio is the mayor of New York City. He is not some two-bit community organizer type. He is the one that sets the tone of the city in general and the police department in general. From the comment he knee-jerk made, he does not have faith and or trust in the 30,000 member NYPD.
Is he not the most responsible for a person to think, hey man, we've got to get some pay back? Even the mayor seems to be on our side on this.
The reaction tonight to a press conference held by Mr. De Blasio and NYPD commissioner, William Bratton, speaks volume. The police turned their backs on hizhonor as he entered the room to make his comments.

Thus we see the fruit of the anti-police rage.
Two officers murdered, no executed, in cold blood.
And a mayor that holds more contempt than gratefulness for his police department.
My heart and prayers go to officers Lu and Ramos and their families. And to the people of New York City that now have more unnecessary pain.

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