Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Mystery Of Malaysian Air Flight MH370

Yes it is a mystery that an airliner seemingly disappear into thick air.
It is a mystery how Malaysian Air flight MH370 just went off the radar screens last Friday evening on a flight from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing.
But let's get some things out of the way.
Unless this is Stephen King's The Langoliers, the plane crashed. When I keep hearing the media of all stripes refer to this as a disaperince, it is beyond foolish. But the problem is that there is at this writing no wreckage to be found. So there is this meme that the plane disappeared. But, there was the case of Air France Flight 447 flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in 2009. It took five days to find the plane wreckage over the Atlantic ocean. But it took two years to find the Black Box that contains the flight data recorder. The subsequent investigation essentially said that the crash was due to an accident.
Well of course all kinds of theories are out there as to what happened.
Of course the most logical explanation is that there was some kind of malfunction that caused the plane to crash. In fact, that is what my pal believes over at Social Extinction. He totally rules out a possible terrorist plot that went off.
But there is the possibility of terrorism. Of course that would most likely be Islamofacist terrorism. But then again, if it is terrorism, it is possible a local terrorist group. Or something of the here-to-fore unknown variety.
Of course the paranormal crowd is getting into the mix.
One of my friends on Facebook gave his thoughts on the possibility of something out of this world occurring. I'm sure that it is burning up the nighttime airwaves on Coast To Coast AM.
In the 24/7 media world, there is the "We want answers and we need them now!" mentality. However, because of where the plane went down, apparently in a deep body of water (although this late report in The Daily Telegraph indicates it was 200 miles off course which raises the possibility that it may have crashed on land in a remote area), it makes it difficult to ascertain where the wreckage possibly is.
I remind all that it took five days to find the Air France flight 447 wreckage on the Atlantic ocean.
Until then, yes it is a mystery but will be solved at least in the sense wreckage will be found. The families of the 227 passengers will have some kind of closure. But the reminder is how fragile our lives really are.

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