Thursday, March 06, 2014

Tattoo Culture Has Gone To The Dogs

Oh no, really the tattoo culture I have written about here and a variation of here has gone to the dogs.
If you don't believe me, meet Zion from New York City.
If you think that your eyes deceive you, they do not.
Poor Zion has a tattoo on his right front leg.
That is courtesy of a certifiable douchebrain "Mistah Metro" who according to this article is also known as Alex and also known as Orangutan Joe.
First, this dude needs to get his damn name straight.
While I commented about this clear case of animal abuse on my Facebook page, a friend of mine thought it was no big deal.
So this is a part of why I think that this was not only animal abuse but something that can extend to children and even babies.
Of course I find it abhorrent that someone would not just do this, but do this while the poor dog was sedated for the removal of it's spleen.
What the hell is up with a veterinarian to let this whatever his name is tatt his dog up while he has already endured a serious operation?
According to the article, that is indeed what happened.
But apparently tatting an animal after an operation is done. But according to an unidentified spokesman for the local ASPCA, it is minimal and simply an identifier.

“It helps animal-welfare professionals clearly identify animals that have been altered . . . The incident in question is not at all comparable. ”

No kidding it is not comparable.
As I point out in my Facebook thread, it is one thing for human beings with the capacity to understand to decide whether or not to get a tatt. But a dog or any other animal, they do not have a choice.
Oh, I know, someone will ask about branding cattle.
Again, that is not for some kind of sick pleasure but to identify cattle for the purposes of the possibility of getting off the land, stolen or anything of that nature. It is not for being cool.
And whatever his name is believes that his dog is now sooo cool.
Here is what the douchebrain wrote on his now deleted Instagram account:

“My dog is cooler than yours!”

If you define being cool as being tatted against his will, sure. But he is not cool because of your own way over sized ego.
If you thought it was something so cool, why didn't you tatt him up when he was not under anesthesia and just had a serious operation?
And why, pray tel, if you are not proud did you delete all of your social media sites? Huh? We who find this disgusting want to know the answers.
Oh, I just thought of another question.
What does Mel, your wife, think of this?
I alluded to the possibility of parents deciding one day, hey lets tatt our baby. Do you not think it will not happen? If it has not happened already?
I sure do.
People that do not think this have their heads buried very, very deep in the sand.
One of the problems I have with tatt fiends is that they get their body full of tatts. They fill them up so much that in many cases they run out of room for anymore. It is odd to see someone walking from a distance and they look like they are wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Get a little closer and it is not a long sleeve shirt but two arms full of tatts.
What I suspect is that whats his name looks pretty much like that. Probably Mel, the wife, too. So they probably look at their dog as some kind of accessory rather than a best companion/friend. And that is the problem. No doubt in my mind is that they would look at a child in the same way.
I do believe that whats his name needs to be prosecuted but so should the vet that allowed it to happen. It is animal abuse and can not be tolerated.
The sad reality is that tattoo culture has gone to the dogs.

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