Monday, March 03, 2014

Matthew McConaughey, God And Hollywood

I continued my Academy Award hate and did not watch the 86th installment of the secular bacchanalia.
I am sorry, however, to have missed this speech by the Best Actor, Matthew McConaughey in which he started off by thanking not his agent, not his family, or the adoring fans.
Matthew McConaughey thanked GOD for his achievement.
Below is the actual short, yet heartfelt acceptance speech.
It's not the first time that an actor or actress has thanked God for the accomplishments he or she has had in their acting career. If memory serves me right, and it is not from watching but reading and watching news reports about it, Denzel Washington was pretty quick to thank God for winning a Best Actor award a few years ago. But Mr. Washington is Black and I guess the secular crowd that is Hollywood thought it was OK. You know, a Black American Christian. Maybe he attends something like the Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago, the former home church of our Dear Leader, President Obama.
But a regular White guy? Not just thanking God but realizing that while he has grown in his profession, the gift of his acting is a gift from Almighty God?
Watch the video because it is striking what gets the biggest cheer from the audience. Let's just stipulate it is not thanking God. Or his daddy. Or his mom. Or his wife. It's only about two minutes and thirty-three seconds long.
Many good people get involved in acting and or entertainment. But there is just something that seems to happen when they make it big.
Some shed the thing that made them pursue acting and or entertaining.
That is their belief in God.
I can only imagine how bad that can be for an actual Christian believer. So many that do spout off about religion in general and Christianity in general show abject ignorance. And downright hatred towards religion.
I suspect that the secular crowd that dominates every aspect of Hollywood are insular enough not to know many, if any, Christian believers. like any thing else, we are not all the same. The talents and gifts that God gives us takes us the time to understand. Some of them are direct spiritual gifts, as Paul addressed here in 1 Corinthians: 12. I'm not sure if Mr. McConaughey's acting falls into particular spiritual gifts, but I must admit I usually enjoy the movies that I see him in. But that he thanked God for where he is shows that he gets the overall Christian message in this respect.
That all we do, good or bad, is from God. Whether we understand that or not is a lifelong journey.
But back to the Hollywood secularists.
My feeling is that their "knowledge" of Christians is probably the Fred Phelps' types and the Westboro Baptist "Church". Or some of the more silly comments made by such evangelists as the Rev. Pat Robertson. In other words, they will look at the extreme, more fundamentalist people in Christianity and think, that is what it's all about.
Too bad that the Hollywood secular crowd does not look at such Christians as the Rev. Billy Graham, his son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, and the wonderful work of Samaritan's Purse. Or how about the Salvation Army and all the good that they have done? Nah, in the closed minds of Hollywood secularists, most Christians are no good and really, they want nothing to do with them.
How sad.
For all the talk of diversity and thought, when it comes to religion in general, and Christianity in particular, the Hollywood secularist mind closes tighter than a vise.
Take the new movie Non Stop starring Liam Neeson.
Skip the next paragraph if you do not want to know anything about the plot. You have been warned!
See, Hollywood thinks that a family member of a victim of the 9/11 terrorist attacks would get some military dude to essentially hijack a plane, electronically, and that one of the heroes of the flight is an Islamic doctor, dressed in full garb and bearded.
Islam is not Christian and it is picked on and misunderstood. And really, if they do bad things it is probably the fault of the United States and especially Christianity. And don't forget them there Crusades.
So I do believe that when Hollywood is exposed to a person like Matthew McConaughey, they are essentially left speechless. They do not get that people really, really believe that there is something bigger than what is in this world. That God is important enough to thank more than anything shows an amazing thing that Mr. McConaughey probably did not think much about because he spoke from his heart. And his heart is with God.
Hollywood needs to free its secular mind and welcome Christian believers and not seek to change them into soulless secularists. Learn from them. Learn that they are not a threat but a person that believes in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost (Spirit). And that if they share with you, just be open, not dismissive.
Many Christians, myself and Mrs. RVFTLC, like movies. I am more discriminating than Mrs. RVFTLC. Or in her mind, not so much. We pay money to see movies. We don't like to feel unwelcome but some in Hollywood are so narrow that they comment derisively on what we believe without any real knowledge of us.
I am thankful that Matthew McConaughey spoke so eloquently last night. Hollywood should listen to all that he said.

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