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Hey Conservatives, Don't Worry But Bridgegate Is Not The Reason Chris Christie Will Not Be President

Yes, it is the absolute scandal of the 21st century that a New Jersey politician and or underlings might create a traffic nightmare on one of the most travelled bridges in the United States.
Why it is such a scandal, The Politico website is providing this handy dandy guide to what is being now dubbed "Bridgegate"
And the reason that this has risen to such unreal proportions is because there is speculation that the Republican governor, Chris Christie, was the eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll force behind "Bridgegate".
And a little primer on Gov. Christie.
He is a Republican governor in pretty Blue New Jersey. He squeaked out a victory in 2009 over then scandal-plagued Democrat governor, John Corzine. But last year, a popular Gov. Christie won a reelection landslide over Democrat state senator, Barbara Buono. And even before that he was touted, especially by Republican insiders and RINO* types to be the savior for the GOP in the 2016 presidential race. And secretly, some Democrats kind of like him too.
For those of us on the conservative side, we see that as a shot across the bow. The great, endless battle between the RINOs and the True Believer conservatives.
But this Bridgegate, should it be able to be traced back to Gov. Christie's direct knowledge if not OK, that is it for his chances should he choose to run for the GOP nomination.
Well, no matter the outcome for Gov. Christie and or the New Jersey GOP, he will not be the Republican nominee for president in 2016.
I can assure that fact because the only reason he has any lead at this point is because of the leftywhore media attention that was favorable until now.
Most Republicans are no different than most Democrats in the respect that they do not like being told who will be or not the nominee.
If you do not believe me on that, how's President Hillary Clinton doin? Yep, I thought so.
Republicans don't like being told, but the right can not unite behind one candidate in enough time to stop the perceived RINO. That worked to both Sen. John "F--- You" McCain's advantage and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, as well.
After two disappointing elections, Republicans look to unite behind a solid, winning conservative next time around. Sure there are as many as 20 names being bandied about at this point. But after the 2014 mid-term elections, count on that list being winnowed down to probably about 10 or less that are viable enough to even mount much of a campaign. I do believe that this time the right is not going to let a media favorite get the nomination again.
I received an e-mail from the Republican National Committee yesterday asking for the top three I would like to see win the GOP nomination. There were 32 names. Thirty frickin two names. And my top three surprised me. One, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida), two, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) and Gov. Mike Pence (R-In.).
Gov. Mike Pence?!
I surprised myself on that one. But his record is awesome in Indiana. And he, unlike many in the race, can handle a hostile leftywhore media.
I have been thinking that overall, Gov. Jindal is the best of the governors. He is totally reform minded and has been able to carry out some reform in Louisiana. He has also made the GOP the governing party in Louisiana.
A lot of people suspect that Sen. Rubio is a RINO in the making, but not I.
Give him a break on seeking so-called "comprehensive" immigration reform, OK? I was one that wrote on more than one occasion this is an issue that I thought he would do well on. But he could not break through RINOs Sens. Lindsay Goober Graham and "F--- You" McCain that want what amounts to open borders. What counts is that in the end, he balked and walked away.
He is not a RINO in the making. He has a solid conservative record in the senate. Last that I checked, a 100% ACU rating is as good as it gets. 
Now before anyone thinks the RINOs are going to line up behind Gov. Christie, they have other candidates so they are not all that united as one thinks. A lot like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. I actually overall like him. But sorry, the 2016 clarion call has to be No More Bushes!
Now I think Gov. Christie is a good governor for New Jersey. And as a Republican about as good as it gets. But the problem is that the base of the GOP is no longer the Northeast and or New York and or New Jersey. It is not a base that sweeps social issues under the rug. It could not with Rudy Giuliani, much as some tried, and is not here. But tone does matter.
In an epic 107 minute press conference this past Thursday, Gov. Christie numerous times had to say that he was not a bully. One of the reasons is that at times, he put people in their place that were, yes, asking the governor leading questions and the like.
My friends, THAT is why Gov. Christie will not be the Republican nominee in 2016. Like it or not, people will not vote for a candidate that is seen as blustery or even a bully in politically correct America, 2014 and certainly 2016.
One of the things that the '08 campaign exposed in varying degrees is that Sen. "F--- You" McCain was not a nice guy. You just got the feeling that he was ready to explode at any moment. And sometimes the sarcastic answers were a release. Sen. "F--- You" McCain was the charecteture of the hostile, angry White man. Add an extra 150 pounds, give or take, and there is Gov. Christie.
Again, those theatrics work in New Jersey to a certain degree. And yes, quite possibly some over zealous aides would coordinate some lane closures in a town that the mayor, a Democrat, decided he would not back Gov. Christie's reelection last year. There is something just so mafioso about whoever is in the governor's office there. Sorry, I'm not denigrating Italians broadly. I mean the tactics politicians use for their own means to an end.
So I don't think that Republicans should get all worked up over this kerfuffle with Gov. Christie. He will survive Bridgegate. But he will not be the GOP presidential nominee in 2016.

*RINO-Republican In Name Only.

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