Friday, January 31, 2014

Finally Henry Waxman To Join The Real World And Retire From Congress

It appears that 40 years doing his earnest to socialize the United States is enough and Congressman Henry Waxman is not going to run for reelection and leaving congress.
It is not enough that Rep. Waxman was one of the major architects of the so-called Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The act that is working its damnedest to destroy the private health insurance industry and lead to the true goal, single-payer government run health care.
No, the list of horrors of Rep. Waxman is long and heroic to his left-wing base.
Rep. Waxman expanded Medicare coverage alright. Too bad that Medicare is going to be bankrupt pretty soon. And those that are signing up for health coverage now are disproportionately signing up for Medicare.
There are many others in the linked article that make Rep. Waxman sound so wonderful.
What Rep. Waxman has done is made a career out of making the federal government larger and thus forcing states to somehow pay for a lot of the expanding largess.
Mr. Waxman was first elected to the California state assembly in 1968 when one Ronald Reagan was governor. In the middle of his first term. From there he won election to the House of Representatives in 1974 when Gerald R. Ford was president. And he has not left since then. Mr. Waxman has been an elected official since he was 31 years old. He is now 74. Meaning the dude has spent almost all of his adult life in elected office.
What Mr. Waxman has created is being the poster child for term limits.
We do not need people to think that they have to spend their life in elected office. After all, our constitutional fathers did not envision that people would spend their life being a senator, congressman, governor, state official. Whatever. It should be a bipartisan issue. There are way too many Republicans who feel that they have to spend their life in elected office.
The founding fathers did not envision these kind of politicians that would make it a whole life-time career.
The hope of the founders was that people, yes at the time property-owning White men, would run for office, meet for a short time during the year and approve or reject legislation then go home and live under those laws and or rules they have set forth for the people.
Now its a profession. And it is often a revolving door as politicians get elected, leave office and then become lobbyists to affect legislation to whoever they work for.
In the case of Rep. Waxman, he never left office of any kind until now.
So, we should welcome this retirement on one hand but resolve to pursue term limits on all elected officials at all levels. We should not have congressmen be in Washington so much that they forget their state and or congressional districts. They should be in Washington part time and have to live under the very laws that they foist on us, the peons.
Henry Waxman is leaving congress and maybe at 74 years of age, he will get a real job.

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