Friday, December 27, 2013

Say, You People That Waited Until The Last Minute To Order Christmas Gifts On Amazon And It Didn't Make It For Christmas, It's YOUR Fault

Oh yeah, I know that I am going to get in trouble in some precincts for speaking the truth but for you folks that thought to wait to the bitter end to order those Christmas gifts through and it didn't make it in time for Christmas Day, it is YOUR fault, not the companies involved.
Yes there are exceptions, but by and large, many people waited for the prices on items to be slashed so that they could take advantage and that happened over the weekend before Christmas. And consider that Christmas Day was mid-week this year on Wednesday.
Oh and of course the leftywhore media went to great lengths to find people mad as hell about it as evidenced here on this CNN report.
Why they even went to find a family in which one of the children did not receive some very important medicine that the child has to take in order to eat.
Patrick Warren told a local Texas CNN affiliate that the medication was sitting at a UPS facility in Mesquite, Texas, near their hometown of Heath. Eventually Mr. Warren went to pick up the medicine at the facility.
I do sympathize with a situation such as that. However, the 14-year-old did not have to go without the needed medicine. The article does not say whether the child did not take the needed medicine or not. But if it came down to needing the medicine, all that had to be done was to find the nearest drug store, explain the situation, have them contact the doctor and he would have had the needed medicine.
Although there seems to be a great convenience in getting medicine through mail order, problems like this do occur. Which is a reason that we do not get medicine through mail order. We go to the local Rite-Aid. No, this is not a plug for Rite-Aid.
And yes, some people did get screwed but should realize that during the Christmas season, it is very possible that you can order on say December 9 as Melissa Gilbreath did and find out that they were in a Fort Worth, Texas facility on December 18. Of course since CNN did intrepid reporting, we do not know where Mrs. Gilbreath lives for they just picked her comment off of the UPS Facebook page. So it could have been nearby and Mrs. Gilbreath could have simply picked it up. But no, she found time to complain on the company Facebook page.
For whatever reason, FedEx was not taken by the problem as badly as UPS was. But still they could not get every package for Christmas to many people across the United States.
And in this more balanced story from of all places, NBC news, some took their wrath out on FedEx as written by Jay Erikson:

"If you can't keep a promise, then don't make it. Thanks for nothing, FedEx."

OK whiners, answer this question.
Did you order in a timely manner, knowing that the Christmas shopping season was condensed this year due to a late Thanksgiving? Did you take into account the very real possibility of bad weather?
Well, bad weather did occur and an extremely high volume also contributed to a huge backlog of packages. And when there is bad weather, sorry but FedEx and UPS are not the top priorities at airports. Passenger flights are. And as of Christmas Eve, over 40% of the continental United States was under snow of some kind. That not only wreaks havoc of flights but ground transportation as well.
One of the problems is that both FedEx and UPS did not do deliveries on Christmas Day. However, some who had ordered through FedEx could possibly pick up packages on Christmas Day at FedEx Express locations. UPS did have some workers go in early to the main hub in Louisville, Kentucky, to sort through pacakages for delivery yesterday and today.
I suppose the very people railing about not getting the so imporatant gifts by Christmas Day would have wanted these workers, who probably worked many overtime hours, to deliver on Christmas Day. No, they also probably whinned about the poor WalMart, Target and other employees that had to work on Thanksgiving while they went on their computers on Sunday night before Christmas making their orders.
In the NBC article, there were some understanding customers that realized hey, Christmas lasts longer that way. That was the attitude of Heidi Grant from North Carolina and a mother of three. And while there were many taking to Twitter to whine about the horror of not getting the Christmas gift on Christmas Day, one person wrote the following:

"People using #upsfail need to get a life. Order early next year!! Thank you UPS workers!!"

If you are so cheap and thoughtless to wait until the last minute, you can not expect a perfect experience. Again, we are in the beginning of winter and weather is a factor. When a lot of people do the same thing, wait until the last minute, it does clog up a system. And it did for both FedEx and UPS.
And it is not the first time.
In 2004 an ice storm clogged the UPS Louisville hub and then workers manually sorted through packages and did deliver on Christmas Day.
And Amazon knows that this looked bad on them, although by and large it was not their fault. They are issuing $20 Amazon gift cards and refunding delivery fees. FedEx, as noted, did try to have people come to their express centers if they could to pick up packages. But UPS, there is not much they can do at this point.
The lesson here is this.
Always, I mean always, have in the back of your mind that if you are going to do online ordering that there is a possibility that, in this case Christmas, it may not get to it's destination on time. Alert the people that you are ordering for that there is that possibility. Even if that is your own children. If one does that, then they do not have to carry a false burden of failure. Especially if they did order in a timely manner. Just show a little more thought than driving to a 7-11, take money out of an ATM, throw it in a card and give it to your child or children. That is what happens ordering at the last minute.
Sorry other than maybe the child that needed the medicine, and that could easily be rectified, I don't have much sympathy for you folks that waited to the end to be cheapskates. You have to take some responsibility.
It is your fault!

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