Thursday, December 12, 2013

Of Shaking Hands With A Dictator And Selfies And Barack's Excellent Adventure In South Africa

Yeah, all in one day, the president of the United States, the Dear Leader, Barack Obama, had an excellent adventure in South Africa.
Shaking hands with the vile dictator of Red Cuba, Raul Castro in a reception line at the memorial service for the late South African president, Nelson Mandela. And really, he did not have to. Seriously, he didn't. Yet he did and it was not just an obligatory hand shake with the dictator Castro. Nah, there were smiles and they were yucking it up, beaming smiles at each other. It was not long. I mean, the Dear Leader, President Obama, did not hold up the line or anything like that. He could have all but ignored the dictator Castro. And yet there he was. At a memorial service making a clear political statement.
Now it would not be much but I did have a sneaky suspicion that maybe, just maybe there was more to that handshake.
And I was right.
According to Eli Lake and Josh Rogin at The Daily Beast, Team Obama has been holding mid-level talks on such issues as direct postal service, disaster response, and migration, re: immigration issues.
Why would there be such talks if not for the eventuality of reinstating diplomatic relations with Red Cuba?
Here is a prediction.
When the Republicans increase their numbers in the House and take the senate next year, the Dear Leader, President Obama, will be a total lame-duck. Unless he totally abandons his socialism liberalism and adopts the GOP agenda, he will get not one thing done in congress.
So, can anyone say foreign policy?
The Dear Leader, President Obama, will reinstate full diplomatic relations with Red Cuba. He will recognize the communist dictatorship of the Castros.
And it will not stop there.
The talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran? Another precursor of what the Dear Leader, President Obama, will do and reinstate full diplomatic relations with Iran. He will recognize the Shiite Islamics, the Islamic republic as the government of Iran.
I know it seems improbable, but that is where I see things going.
There is not more to say on this topic.
But the selfie, the selfie the Dear Leader, President Obama, took with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, that is something I would expect from a
teenage gal.
Which leads me to something my friend Social Extinction said on my Facebook page in my reaction to this:

Our president is such a teenager. Wasn't stoicism expected of them once upon a time?

Why yes Mr. Social Extinction, stoicism was expected at a funeral/memorial service for a current or former head of state. Granted it was more celebratory than solemn, it is no excuse to mock the occasion.
Mr. Social Extinction made me come up with the correct new phrase to describe the Dear Leader, President Obama:


There is not other way to describe it.
There is the titular leader of the free world, the Dear Leader, President Obama, the prime minister of Britain and the prime minister of Denmark in between the two. And they yuck it up for the cell phone camera. All of them. And if you look at the photo in the last link, you see a very teed-off First Lady, Michelle Obama.
And she is right to be teed-off.
At some point, Mrs. Dear Leader, Michelle Obama, had enough and had to change places with the awe-struck Dear Leader, President Obama, so he was not continuing to laugh and yuck with the Danish Prime Minister Mrs. Thornin-Schmidt. Another photo shows the titular leader of the free world kissing his wife's hand. Seemed to appear to be some kind of teenage 'do you forgive me?' if you ask me.
That makes me think about when the teenager-in-chief got to shake hands with the dictator Castro. It made me think of what was said in those very brief moments:

Like, OMG! There you are! Comadante Castro! AWESOME dude! Oh I'm sorry I'm not meeting with the big dude himself, Fidel! Hey, can you tell him a 'what up?' from me? Oh man, AWESOME to meet you dude.

At this point, would anyone expect less than such a dialogue from the teenager-in-chief? No wonder the dictator Castro feigned a smile and seemed to try to move the Dear Leader, President Obama, along. He couldn't take it anymore.
Folks, the president of the United States, no matter who he or she is and no matter what party they belong to represents all of us at occasions such as a state memorial. As Mr. Social Extinction pointed out, there does need to be a certain stoicism at occasions such as this. Our president, no my president, did not show any of this.
Could he have avoided shaking the dictator Castro's hand? Possibly and he should have made every effort to not do so. The image of the American president recognizing the legitimacy by doing what he did must send a chill down the spine of every freedom-loving Cuban everywhere.
Did he have to participate in the childishness of the selfie? Of course not. There was nothing wrong with exchanging pleasantries, but a selfie?! The line was crossed. The shark was jumped.
Watching the events unfold Wednesday in Johannesburg made me think that, sadly, this was nothing more than Barack Obama's Excellent South African Adventure.

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