Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Martin Bashir FINALLY Resigns From MSNBC

It's about time that Martin Bashir from MSNBC has resigned. And he did so for rather choice comments he made a couple of weeks ago about what someone should do with Sarah Palin that I wrote of here. I will not go into the lurid details.
What I will comment on is that this lets MSNBC and NBC off the hook.
What do I mean?
Well, this network fired actor Alec Baldwin off of his really short-lived program because he made some well-known anti-gay slurs. I have long believed that if you put all of these Hollyweird types under some kind of truth serum, those that espouse homosexual rights will freely use the same anti-gay slurs a conservative would be crucified for.
But when Mr. Bashir uses the vile description of what someone should do to Mrs. Palin, he gets to apologize on air. Then he suddenly takes a vacation and decides to resign.
MSNBC nor NBC actually fired him as they should have immediately for it was disgusting what he said.
Look, I don't care what you think about Mrs. Palin. I don't like the Dear Leader, President Obama's policies. Sometimes he uses hyperbole. Should I wish someone would do to him what Mr. Bashir thought should be done to Mrs. Palin? NO! NO! NO!
The very people that rail about the division in the United States are the first to perpetuate it. Which is what Mr. Bashir did.
But MSNBC felt appearently that it was more important to make an example of Mr. Baldwin than Mr. Bashir.
Mr. Bashir, he gets to resign essentially on his terms. Mr. Baldwin is shown the door rather quickly.
I am just glad that this episode is now behind us. And it is not any censorship. It is about decency. Something that seems to be lacking in so much today.

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