Thursday, January 03, 2013

Samuel L. Jackson Schools Lily White "Reporter"

OK, I have to come clean and admit that the actor Samuel L. Jackson annoyed the devil out of me when I wrote about this horrible web ad that he did for the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his reelection campaign.
But give that devil his due on this because the same Mr. Jackson schools this lily-White SWLPL* "reporter", aka film critic when he can not come to say the N-word.
That's right.
The mother of all racist words never to be uttered in the company of Black people, evah. Especially if you are a White person.
That word, in case you are not aware, is nigger.
In the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, here is the multi-definition of nigger:

Definition of NIGGER
usually offensive; see usage paragraph below: a black person
usually offensive; see usage paragraph below: a member of any dark-skinned race
: a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons
Well, using a quote from the former congressman and Oakland, California mayor, Mr Dellums, is lowering a terrible word even more.
But seriously, it is not meant to be a nice word. It is harsh and it is a harsh way to denigrate overwhelmingly Black Americans.
Now back to the cowardly "reporter".
This film critic, Jake Hamilton, is interviewing Mr. Jackson about the latest movie from Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained, in which Mr. Jackson is a star.
It is, in typical Tarantino fashion, an over-the-top movie that is set in the Antebellum South and involves slavery.
And involves gratuitous use of the word nigger. Roughly well over 100 times in a two hour and forty-five minute movie.
Again, this is set in the South and involves slavery.So yeah, I think that the word nigger was in fact used very gratuitously. Like it or not.
Enter Mr. Hamilton, aka Mr. SWLPL. Here is a video of the part where Mr. Hamilton sheepishly asks Mr. Jackson about the over-the-top use of the word nigger:
As Mr. Hamilton asks, Mr. Jackson interjects, “No? Nobody? None? The word would be?” and Mr. Hamilton will not say the word. Mr. Jackson rightfully persists and Mr. Hamilton tries to deflect. But Mr. Jackson still persists in trying to get Mr. Hamilton to ask the question in a direct, forceful manner, “Try it … try it. We’re not going to have this conversation unless you say it.” And eventually, Mr. Hamilton backs down and they move on.
Here is where Mr. Jackson schools Mr. SWLPL guy.
It is people like him that now are utterly horrified to say the word at all. They are so horrified that one can not even utter the full word in a question about the context it is used in a movie. But, I am certain Mr. Hamilton/SWLPL guy would have not trouble dropping an f-bomb or two or three.
And here is a real difference.
The f-bomb is a word that the Federal Communications Commission has deemed one that can not be said on over-the-air television and or over-the-air radio. The fateful racial slur, offensive as it may be, can be said in full.
Unless it is by a coward and cowering "reporter" like Mr. Hamilton trying to show he is empathetic with Mr. Jackson and his peeps.
More like pathetic.
Here is a clue Mr. Hamilton.
If someone like Mr. Jackson is in a movie like Django Unchained, then he gets the context and is saying the racial slur the way that it is intended in the movie.
So, if you want to ask a question about what you think is gratuitous use of such a word, say it!
That is what Mr. Jackson mocked you, Mr. SWLPL, about. Your inability to say the word that you are asking about.
What would have impressed me is if Mr. Hamilton had the nerve to ask about the I am certain gratuitous use of the word fuck. Which I am certain is used at least the same amount as nigger.
It is amazing that in today's society, a profanity about a sex act that used to be taboo is said with little or no thought by the hip crowd. Yet a non-Black says the word nigger and all hell breaks loose.
Hey, I think that BOTH are offensive and should be used as little as possible. But if there is context, I am not a total prude about it.
But the prudity today is saying in full racial slurs. And that is where Samuel L. Jackson schooled one Jake Hamilton in an interview. And good for Mr. Jackson!
*-SWLPL-Stuff White Liberal People Like. A derivative of Stuff White People Like.

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