Friday, January 11, 2013

Piers Morgan vs. Ben Shapiro On The 2nd Amendment

Yes, the 2nd amendment to the United States constitution has been in the news a lot lately, hasn't it?
Much of why there is such a conversation on the subject stems from the Massacre at Sandy Hook, Connecticut.
Let's stipulate most know what happened, but if not I will link my thoughts here and one can link to some background.
Needless to say, the left sees this as a moment to bring back the so-called assault-weapons ban that was hailed as a major legislative victory in the 1990s.
And of course there are some on the left that sees this as a moment to extend that so far as actual gun confiscation as this Iowa legislator would like to see happen.
So enter CNN low-rated talk show host Piers O'Meara Morgan.
In a recent interview, Mr. O'Meara Morgan had as a guest Alex Jones. Alex Jones, in a word, is N U T S! Besides being a 9/11 truther he is also a birther and all around conspiracy nut. And his website, which I choose not to link, is called Prison Planet. In case you missed that rather heated exchange, here it is:
OK, I think that you get I am not a big fan of Mr. Jones and this rant is one reason. He plays right into the hands of gun control advocates like Mr. Morgan. It is is embarrassing to say the least.
Enter conservative wunderkid Ben Shapiro.
BTW, you really should buy his new book, Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans for it is a primer on such bullies as, well Mr. O'Meara Morgan.
Now, if you want to see how to handle such douchbrains as Mr. O'Meara Morgan, then take a look at this from last night:

First, let me give Mr. Shapiro props for wearing a yarmulke for he is letting you know that he is an observant Jew and an Orthodox Jew at that.
But it is how he shows Mr. O'Meara Morgan what it is liked to be bullied and he does it with a smile. Or a smirk as Mr. O'Meara Morgan tells him.
But watch, watch how uncomfortable ol' Piers is when Mr. Shapiro turns the table on him when he asks why does the left only seem to want to ban so-called assault weapons? Why not handguns? Then here is the zinger:
SHAPIRO: This is what I wanted to ask you, Piers, because I have seen you talk about assault weapons a lot, and I have seen Mark Kelly talk about assault weapons. The vast majority of murders in this country that are committed with guns are committed with handguns, they are not committed assault weapons. Are you willing to ban handguns in this country, across this country?
MORGAN: No, that’s not what I’m asking for.
SHAPIRO: Why not? Don’t you care about the kids who are being killed in Chicago as much as the kids in Sandy Hook?
Ouch! And do watch the video link to see how pompously Mr. O'Meara Morgan mocks indignation while quickly trying to dismiss Mr. Shapiro's point.
Oh yeah, and Mr. O'Meara Morgan accuses Mr. Shapiro of being the bully. And once again, Mr. Shapiro takes a page right out of the Saul Alinsky handbook and cites the most famous acolyte of Mr. Alinsky, why our Dear Leader, President Obama, of course. Mr. Shapiro says yes and hit back twice as hard. And he does.
Oh yeah, a trick that Mr. O'Meara Morgan uses is to cite Ronald Reagan and the fact that he supported the so-called assault weapons ban in 1994. And Mr. Shapiro says "So?!" Again, faux indignation from Mr. O'Meara Morgan and he asks Mr. Shapiro if he liked Mr. Reagan and he says yes, but that he would not always agree with Mr. Reagan.
Uh, memo to Mr. O'Meara Morgan, but Mr. Shaprio was born in 1984. So I don't think that he can be one to ask about the Reagan era as if he lived through it. And Mr. Shapiro answered such a trap question correctly. And another memo to Mr. O'Meara Morgan. I did not always agree with Mr. Reagan and I lived through the era.
See, the fact is that people like Mr. O'Meara mistake Republican for being conservative. Many conservatives such as myself are Republicans. But I have written many times on this blog that one of the worst, no check that two, of my most regrettable votes were for Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California. By the time that charlatan left office, I would have opened the door and slammed it on his rear end to get out.
But what Mr. Shaprio did in 15 minutes is show how conservatives, whether they are politicians, private citizens, artists, whatever, how to take on people like Mr. O'Meara Morgan. Have the facts to back up the argument. Don't ever let them get the upper hand, evah. Never lose your cool. Give them a little point but make sure to be able to make the larger point. And most important. Have a smile on your face. Or a smirk.
This is required watching for conservatives, conservative activists and Republicans for if you want to beat the left at their little bullying game, especially in regards to the 2nd amendment, you need to be like Ben Shapiro.

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