Monday, January 28, 2013

Crap "Science", Conspiracy Theorists And Homosexuality. . .What Can Go Wrong?!

This post is a departure for I do use some bad and very un-politically correct language to make a point on why people like the following are very dangerous in their rants.

Yesterday I was perusing the internets and came across this rather interesting and unbelievable post at The Spectacle blog at The American Spectator website.
I mean the title of the post, "Do Juice Boxes Make You Gay?" made me laugh.
At first.
But once you read the post, the writer Matthew Walther, links to one of the most loathsome people on God's Green Earth.
That would be Alex Jones.
The kindest thing that I can say about Mr. Jones is that he is a conspiracy theorist who has a radio show, a couple of web sites and a disturbingly large following.
And the worst I can say about Mr. Jones? I refer you to the above.
Normally I would never link to the Crazy Man, but it is important to read what he has to say and what he links to on his web sites.
So, The Puffington Post found this little gem from Mr. Jones:

It is so unfreakingbelievable.
It is absolutely a rant that is way all over the place. Kind of like taking a dump. Yeah, it can get all over the place.
So, I linked the AmSpec link on my Facebook page and commented thus:

"Well, I suppose that this is as good as any reason why people turn gay. Juice boxes?! Really people, if you EVEN listen to this Alex Jones nut, there is something just as wrong with you!"

A Lib Facebook friend then added his two cents:

" you believe people "turn" its the sexual "dark side"?"

One bad thing about Facebook is that sometimes the thoughts on a subject I link don't come out the way I wanted it to.
I meant that what Mr. Jones was saying is that he knows that there is a government conspiracy about turning our youts gay.
If you watch Mr. Jones' rant, he offers no actual evidence except to say that he has documentation to prove it.
So understand what Mr. Jones is saying.
That he knows juice-box makers and the companies that produce the drinks are conspiring together to put some magic potion in said product and it will turn kids, youts and I presume adults into raging homosexuals.
That is crap and leads to crap science.
Look, I am no more an expert or anything on the subject of homosexuality. Are people actually born gay? Again, why not. There has always been and always will be homosexuality. Do people think that they may be gay and or lesbian? Again, of course. People do what is called experimenting. Are come people gay and or lesbian due to a situation or something else in their life? Again, why not? It could very be that victims of sexual abuse as children at the hands of someone of the same sex may  have a lasting effect on people.
I do not know and science has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that everyone who comes to terms with their sexuality is born that way. Until then, one must recognize that there are other possibilities.
Oh, I forgot that there is bisexuality. That may fall under the experimenting mentioned above.
Both sides in the never ending homosexuality debate throw out "science" to prove their point. Pro-gay people will try to use some science to prove that there are many more homosexuals out there than the oft-quoted 10%. Of course, no one knows now where that number came from.
On the other side anti-homosexual activists will produce some "science" to justify their position that homosexuality is a condition and maybe curable.

Folks, nothing tops a crazy man like Alex Jones on a platform suggesting that there is a conspiracy to turn people homosexual by way of juice-in-a-box.
Imagine a couple of say typical, not too swift, high school guys who may come across this dreck on the internets:

"Hey dude! Check this out! This Alex Jones dude says that we could turn homo if we drink this juice-in-a-box!"

"WHOA!" screams the other kid, "Sheet! I ain't drinking this crap! I mean, I don't wanna be homo or anything like that! Maybe we should just get some suds from your mom's fridge."
And first dude says, "Yeah, dude, I'd rather get high smoking out and drinking beer. At least I won't turn homo!"

Think of these youts as kind of from Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure.
So, the point is that when people like Alex Jones have such a following, it behooves them to be a little more than discreet when discussing certain conspiracy theories.
I linked this to my Facebook page because I think that yes, Alex Jones is a huge boil on the underbelly of modern political thought. Or lack thereof.
It is why I think that it is way out there, no matter what anyone believes about how or why of homosexuality, this can not go without comment.
And that is what I did. I believe that one must have some evidence before saying such things. Provable evidence. Just like the 10% plus crowd needs provable evidence. Just as the we can cure homosexuality crowd needs provable evidence. And just as important is that people need to read the whole link before commenting without knowing.
Yeah, I guess this is just one of the dangers of the internets, right?!


M. Walther said...

Did you even the post at the Spectator? It was occasioned by the Huff Post story; it was also an attempt to make fun of Jones. Sheesh.

Righty64 said...

@M. Walther, I know that you were poking fun at Jones. It is just that some people, way too many, take this guy seriously. That was my point. Also, when I linked it on my Facembook page, someone actually thought that I supported the "theory". I was making fun of Jones there too.