Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Total Collapse Of California

Living here in the once Golden State of California, I get a front-row seat to the disaster that the politicians, the bureaucrats, the big-labor unions and what big business is left here, hath wrought on this state.
This wonderful piece by the former mayor of San Diego and current radio talk-show host Roger Hedgecock sums up the politics of it quite well. The disaster of the Welfare State. The high unemployment. The attempt to regulate almost all aspects of life here in Cali.
This is the second paragraph of the piece and it sums it up pretty well:

California is a one-party state dominated by a virulent Democratic Left enabled by a complicit media where every agency of local, county, and state government is run by and for the public employee unions. The unemployment rate is 12%.

Mr. Hedgecock covers politics, the big-unions and the cost of doing business in this state.
One of the problems as to why we are in the state we are in is the iron-fisted rule of the Democrats.
This year is the first year of the citizens redistricting committee. They had the unenviable task of redrawing all the legislative lines throughout California. It was supposed to be independent of the major parties. Taking and going right down the middle so no party has an unfair advantage.
Funny how that worked out.
The Democrats were able to essentially hijack the process and potentially lose seats for the Republican party. The so-called gaining of centrist candidates for office from both parties? Ain't. Gonna. Happen.
The Democrat control of all state government is bad in and of itself. What makes it worse is the state legislature and the way the lines have been drawn. It gives total advantage to the most left of the left in the Democrat party. It is the Nanny State writ large.
Take just a few posts that I have written on the Nanny State that California has become.
There is the attempt to force cities to ban free parking. That is so people will ditch their cars for inefficient public transportation.
And of course it is the role of the state government to ban styrofoam boxes. Of course it is all about the material and "climate change" agenda of the left.
And the Nanny Statism does not just permeate the halls of state government.
No, no, no siree Bob!
Here in Pasadena, hometown of RVFTLC, last year the Pasadena city council passed a city ordinance that will make it illegal within a years time for me, in my town home that I own, to smoke in said town home. Of course the justification is that dreaded second-hand smoke.
And this is the same state that made it easy to get a marijuana joint than tobacco.
Amazing, doncha think?
So lets go back to Mr. Hedgecock and his piece.
One of the problems that is severe is that Cali Dems are addicted to big government like a crack whore. Seriously. Take this from the Hedgecock piece:

After trimming legislators' perks and reducing the number of cell phones provided to state civil servants, the governor intoned that drastic budget reductions had already hollowed out state programs for the needy, law enforcement and our schoolchildren. California government needed more money.

And do you know how they are going to try to get that money?
By asking the voters to sign the death warrant on tax hikes. And it is not just Gov. Jerry Brown's tax hike that will be on this November's ballot.
There are going to be two other competing measures that will seek to raise taxes to feed the state crack whores habit.
Yet amazingly over the last several election cycles, California voters have voted down every attempt to hike taxes. Yet once again, the crack whores threaten armageddon and think that yeah, yeah, this time we can fool the voters and they will finally open the flood gates of taxes and we can keep going.
As I have noted, it is not just government and economics, but the urge to force some people's will against others.
Which is where the real Axis of Evil, Big Government, Big Labor and Big Government get into the act.
However, big business is getting very tired of the anti-business in general attitude of government.
So many firms and businesses have left this state for greener pastures. Such as Texas. Oh yeah, and those of means are doing the same thing.
And because of that, it weakens the opposition party, the Republicans.
Well, it did not help to have former Gov. Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger at the helm for the previous seven years.
As more and more people leave the state, that leave dare I write, the freeloaders. The people that want, want, and want. And do not want to work or produce.
California is on the road to becoming the first American state to mirror the distress that is Greece.
And it has been a team effort.
What is truly needed is a leader to come in and truly rewrite everything. How state government should work. How revenues should be raised. The proper role of the state government. An overall attitude of California is really open for all business. Not the government-approved ones.
I am literally witnessing the total collapse of my state, California. It is sad on the one hand, but on the other a lesson for the rest of the United States.
Do not keep voting for the people that continue to lead us down this path. Starting at the top, the president, the congress, the governors, state legislators, all that can cause more damage than good.
America, you have your warning and that is California.

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