Saturday, December 31, 2005

Franklin Roosevelt vs. George W. Bush

It has occurred to me that with the recent revelation that President Bush has authorized secret wiretaps of suspected terror suspects how President Franklin D. Roosevelt would have handled the situation in 1941 with today's technology.
Would have President Roosevelt have made the fateful decision to inter over 140,000 Japanese-Americans because he had no idea who was a threat or not?
If President Roosevelt had the kind of surveillance technology as we have today, he could have authorized the wiretapping and anything else in the intelligence arsenal to root out sympathizers and agents of Imperial Japan.
And, President Roosevelt would have been right to do so then as is President Bush today.
Because of what we can do behind the scenes, America does not have to round up anyone with an Arabic-sounding name or look and keep them in inhumane interment camps. Most of those Americans, as where most of the Japanese, are loyal and productive citizens.
BUT, we do have to be vigilant and that is what the president did by authorizing the secret wiretaps.
What is amazing is the fact that the New York Times printed the story which leads to the point.
We are at war! There is no getting around it, we are fighting the most cunning enemy that we have faced, international Islamofacist terrorists.
The president has tried, as to not upset many things like the economy, to make it appear that we are not in a what like World War II, but this is World War III and the case has to be drilled into the American people.
Not to upset the applecart, so to speak, but so that when these kind of things come out, people are not confused that what Mr. Bush is doing is against loyal American citizens.
Franklin Roosevelt did let the American people know that we were at war and George W. Bush needs to do the same so that we are united in fighting and winning the War Against Terror.

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