Saturday, November 28, 2015

Shooting At Planned Parenthood Clinic And Both Sides React As Expected

One of the things I have stopped doing even when there is opportunity is live blogging breaking news.
Yesterday was one of those days.
In Colorado Springs, Colorado, one Robert L. Dear went on a shooting rampage at an Planned Parenthood clinic that injured nine and, sadly, killed three people including a police officer for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
Needless to say both the left and the right went to work before the event came to and end and Mr. Dear was arrested.
The left went on offense on two fronts.
Of course they assumed that this shooting was by an anti-abortion, pro-life zealot. That could be true but according to the linked article, Lt. Catherine Buckley said that they have no idea on the motive or motives of the suspected gunman. "We don't have any information on this individuals mentality, or his ideas and ideology." according to Lt. Buckley.
But of course, the Dear Leader, President Obama, used the attack to push for what will be his pet issue til he leaves office, gun control. From the Dear Leader, President Obama:

"If we truly care about this - if we;re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience - then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough."

The reaction, and believe me it is a reaction, is to simply push back and not do the obvious.
That would be to tell the pro-abortion, gun control zealots to wait until all the facts are in before jumping the gun, so to speak, and politicizing an ongoing situation. There is time for that.
Then there is social media and both sides using it to push the agenda.
I have read from right-leaning sites that the suspect is not registered as a Republican and in fact identifies himself as a woman.
I already gave examples from left-leaning sites.
A novel idea is to wait for investigators to talk to the suspect. Once there is ample time for questioning, more than likely the reason will emerge. Until that takes place, it is not worth our time to speculate as to the reason(s) why the event happened.
News events is a tricky business as responsible outlets will tell you. So much of what is out there in an ongoing story turns out to be false or over-reported and dilutes the actual facts.
The fact is that not every story has a political angle to it. This may turn out to be just that. But don't let possible facts get in the way.

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