Friday, July 10, 2015

Ace On The 40 Year Old GOP Civil War

Since 1976 when Ronald Reagan ran for the Republican nomination for president, the party has been at war with itself.
By and large, now most on both sides hold Mr. Reagan in high regard. Albeit for different reasons which I not write about here.
I read this piece yesterday by Ace at Ace Of Spades blog and it really is one of the best explanations of the war within the party of Lincoln.
There is no doubt that the war is exacerbated by Donald Trump and his announcement for the GOP 2016 presidential nod. Especially regarding illegal immigration, a clear battle line for both sides of the GOP coalition.
What Ace does is explain the sides, and takes both to task and essentially says that both need to make concessions for the 2016 battle with the Democrat presidential nominee.
I like how Ace puts it. The establishment he calls the Professional Class. But then quickly changes that to the Comfortable Class. On the other side is the Middle/Working Class, and shortens it to the Middle Class.
I would suggest that the establishment class is conservative instinctively and in temperament. But that is the Achilles Heel. It makes them not be aggressive in the right way. Take the now infamous Mitt Romney 47% comments to a private fund raiser. Unwittingly, Mr. Romney included a helluva lot of potential voters. They may not like the Dear Leader, President Obama, but they also don't like being lumped in with people that they themselves see as part of the Democrat coalition. Some may have stayed home in 2012. Some may have held their nose and voted for the Dear Leader, President Obama. Others may have held their nose for voted for Mr. Romney even after being eloquently dismissed as, well losers.
So what about that Middle Class of conservative Republicans?
There is truth in what Ace says about the willingness of the Middle Class to be loud and crude without actually thinking about how that comes off to others and or the mushy middle of voters. The roughly 20% of voters that decide national elections today in the United States.
That is why the Donald out of nowhere appeals to the Middle Class GOP voter. They like the fact that he is, at a level I do not agree with, telling it like it is regarding illegal immigration. And when called to the carpet, the Donald is not backing down. Never mind that the Donald is in no way, no how, a conservative. He is taking an issue of great importance and making it an appealing talking point. The fact is that not one GOP presidential candidate, announced or thinking about it, is pure as virgin wool on the issue. Most favor eventually making a certain number at the very least green-card holders. It is only to the degree and whether they want a big monstrosity like so-called "comprehensive" immigration reform or border security first then dealing with those that are already here. In fact, the Donald until he announced his candidacy was very much in the so-called "comprehensive" reform camp.
Here is the problem in a nut shell.

Instead, both classes are determined to WIN and destroy the other.

That above is Ace's words although I have said as much here and to anyone that will listen.
That is why when Mr. Reagan was defeated in 1976 he did not leave the Republican party. He transformed it. He moved it to the right. Even those establishment types now are to the right in comparison to the 80s.
I agree with Ace and his advice to both sides.
For the Middle Class, we don't have to fire rockets on every issue. Resentments do not win elections. Really, they do not. For all of the Dear Leader, President Obama's faults, in 2008 he ran a positive campaign and vaguely talked about the change and transformation thing.
For the Comfortable Class, stop lording over your lessors your college education. To coin a phrase, BFD. And put the money where the mouth is. Since 1992, we have tried it their way with the exception of George W. Bush. Bush 41. Bob Dole. John McCain. Mitt Romney. All except W. went down in flames. All ran those "respectful" campaigns and let the left destroy them in the process thinking somehow, the Marquis of Queensbury rules would win out. Insert laugh track here.
I leave you with these thoughts of Ace's. Remember this is Ace so yes, there is profanity:

In short, these two feuding classes, who obviously hate each other (every single Twitter war or comment fight soon resolves into the Middle Class vs. the Comfortable Class), need to get over the emotional fight they really love having and get their fucking heads screwed on straight and start fighting the fight they care less about, but which is more important to win. 

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