Friday, January 30, 2015


Mitt Romney has decided that a third time is not the charm and is not running for president as he announced in a conference call to supporters moments ago.
After a time of back and forth whether or not it would be a good idea to have a Battle of the Moderates as Mr. Romney would dig into the former Florida governor Jeb Bush's supporters, Mr. Romney just said no. Not going to do it.
Hugh Hewitt broke the news before the conference call.
Look, I thought he would have made a better president than the current occupant of the White House. I think that he would be a better president than anything the Democrats will have to offer in 2016. But the reality is what Mr. Romney said. That it is time for new blood in the GOP.
I do believe that comment is meant as a subtle, or not so subtle, jab at Jeb. I mean, come on! Jeb, actually John Ellis Bush, is not new blood. He last ran for reelection as Florida governor in 2002. He left office in 2007. That is eight years ago and a lifetime in politics. Mr. Bush is running on issues that will not excite the base and even the average Republican voter. Check that. Mr. Bush is running against the base and the average Republican voter by his vociferous support for Common Core and essential amnesty for illegal aliens.
It will be interesting how the moderates move forward.
And the interest will start tonight as Mr. Romney is having dinner with the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.
I wonder what that is all about?
Maybe the Battle of the Moderates is actually just beginning. I sure hope so.

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