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72 Hours Of Islamofacist Terror Ends In France

There is so much information to digest regarding the Islamofascist attack on the headquarters of the left-wing satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo this past Wednesday that I will start with the latest update of the killing of the suspects today near Paris.

As of this writing, two suspects that were wanted by French authorities in the Islamofascist terror attack on the left-wing satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were killed outside of Paris today.
But in the interim, another terror situation unfolded in a Jewish neighborhood in Paris as two Islamofascist terrorist, including one woman, seized a market and held hostages.
The main suspects in the assault on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, two brothers named Cherif and Said Kouachi, were on the run yet seized a print shop near Charles deGaulle international airport and held a hostage.
In Paris itself, two people seized the Hypercacher (Hyper Kosher) market and held an undetermined number of hostage. One of the Islamofacist terrorists, Amedy Coulibaly, was killed in the assault on the Hypercacher. However, it appears that Mr. Coulibaly had an accomplice and she escaped. Her name is Hayat Boumeddiene. According to the Fox News Channel report, these two are suspected in the murder of police officer Clarissa Jean-Philippe as she was in the process of investigating a routine traffic accident in Paris.
In simultaneous raids, French police raided both locations killing the main suspects in the Charlie Hebdo massacre and Mr. Boumeddiene. And as noted Miss Boumeddiene apparently escaped and there is now a manhunt for her.
Also, it appears that four of the hostages in the Hypercacher were killed but it is undetermined if it was during the raid/rescue operation or at the hands of the terrorists themselves.
The following link to CNN is informative as to what is known and what is unknown. Most important is what is known and three out of four Islamofascist terrorists are dead.

On Wednesday, three Islamofascist terrorists at the lunch hour shot their way through the headquarters of a left-wing satirical magazine known as Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people and wounded 11 others.
Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing satirical magazine that has mocked the three monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judiasm) with some racy, vile cartoons. But of course it is the fact that they had cartoons of Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, well we all know how that upsets the radical Islamics.
Apparently, they don't know such Western ideas such as freedom of the press. And if they did not like it, hey lead a boycott.
No, no, no.
Three heavily armed and well trained Islamofascist terrorists sent a message to this magazine. You will NOT, EVER, in ANY way draw and or mock the prophet, Mohammad. And to remind you of that, we will kill, wound and maim as many as we could.
In ensuing assault, at least one of the Islamofascist terrorists sought out one of the villains in the mocking of Mohammad by name. That name was that of St├ęphane Charbonnier, also known as Charb. He was the editor of Charlie Hebdo. And he was savagely executed along with 11 others for daring to poke at the main dude of Islam.
Say, notice something here?
Why as I noted, Charlie Hebdo mocked Christians and Jews. Religion was not something to revere but to mock for these folks. But why hadn't any Christian terrorists done such a deed? Jewish terrorists? Because these are advanced religions that would resort to reason rather than savagery and intimidation.
Here is a good place to show you what got Cherif and Said Kouachi and a third suspect all riled up. Here are some of the cartoons that pissed these Islamofascists off

Here's a depiction of the Islamic
prophet, Mohammad
As noted, this publication is not specifically
anti-Muslim as this cartoon
mocks Islamics and Jews.
And here is what Charlie Hebdo
has done to the three great
monotheistic religions.
Mock 'em.
Now what do you notice in the few cartoons that I have shared with you?
That Charlie Hebdo is a pretty equal opportunity offender.
And yes, there are other cartoons I choose not to share. Not because I am scared or worried. Because I will at a later date.
And you know what?
This stuff is not my cup of tea.
I mean, again this is a left-wing publication that I would not be attracted to in the first place. I would not be thrilled if one on my side was doing such things. And really, the cartoons are sort of not all that great to my taste again.
But you know what I would do if something really, really pissed me off?
I would encourage and or lead a boycott. It's what we do in the United States. If we do not like something, we point it out and we find peaceful ways to deal with such things.
Yet there are those influential in the radical Islamic world that are celebrating. That are happy of the event that took place. And of course, defending it, albeit at the edges.
A debate took place between Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity and a radical Islamic cleric, Anjem Choudury, who operates freely in London, England.
Mr. Choudury tries to play down the middle not outright supporting the terror spree that took place in Paris. I will give Mr. Choudury credit in that he is down with the explanation of Islam as its meaning, submission, and that in that submission, its cool to take out those that "insult" Mohammad. Here is a transcript of the salient part of Mr. Hannity and Mr. Choudury's discussing the events and Mr. Choudury's rather defense of what happened. Here is also the video because it is worth watching.

I think that Mr. Hannity hits it out of the ball park with this wrap up:
All right. Anjem Choudary, I still think you're an evil SOB.
Damn straight, Sean Hannity!
Understand that Mr. Choudury is able to spew his vile interpretation of Islam freely in a nation that, if he had his way, would not have the very freedom he abuses.

Part of the development of Western culture has been the idea of education and the free exchange of ideas. It is why, by and large, the West has lived in peace with each other. When we have not, it has been at the hands of non-believers in either Christianity and or Judiasm. Communism, Nazism, Fascism are but some of the examples of when the Western experiment has almost failed. But all were defeated in the theatre of war and the theatre of ideas.
It does not behoove an idea, the idea of Islam, when three gunmen, who did not commit the attack on their own, decide that they will determine what is right and wrong.
Not only did these thugs kill those inside the Charlie Hebdo headquarters but in the most cowardly manner force an unarmed policeman, laying on the ground, to beg for his life. Of course they killed him. And he was also a Muslim. Such a sad irony.
And they were not alone in terror. With the hostage drama that unfolded in a Jewish market in Paris, these terrorists forced a nation literally on its knees.
But to the credit of the French police, they did not stay on their knees. They took out the bastards before more harm can come to those being held against their will.
It has been a frightening 72 hours of Islamofascist terror that gripped Paris and a great deal of France. But they do have to look as we all do at why this scourge has taken root not only in Europe but in the United States as well.
Because some day, it could be as soon as tomorrow, we will face an event such as France just got over.
We must be vigilant and honest. That there is a very radical strain of Islam. That there are many that will die for that radical Islam. That we can not allow this cancer to metastasize any further.
Then we will not face terror of the nature that spews from the bowels of radical Islam.

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Will S. said...

This is the price of choosing to let in unassimilables into Western society.

People of every other religious group, people of all different kinds of races, can be let into Western countries, and to varying degrees, they will tend to assimilate; their descendents almost certainly will become Frenchmen, Britons, Americans, Canadians, Germans, etc.

Not them.

Sure, some will.

But many will not; and the more of them you let in, the less they will assimilate to their host country, and instead will seek to bend their host country to their ways. It's happened all over Europe, and the only reason it hasn't happened yet in Canada or the U.S. is because we haven't let in as big a proportion of them, and have let in a larger proportion of other immigrants, so their overall percentage, and therefore influence, is diluted, and they're mostly forced to behave better - though 9/11 showed that even so, the same can and will happen here, as in Europe.

If the West's leadership were not traitorous, there would be an immediate moratorium on immigration of Muslims, period.

But political correctness will prevent that from being possible, and the West will therefore suffer a slow and steady death - faster in Europe, slower in North America, but unless we take steps to avoid going down Europe's road now, we will eventually do so, too.

Dammit, Mark, I'm not a robot; you don't need to have commenters keep rechecking and reentering captcha numbers to prove it while typing out an essay, er, comment. ;)