Monday, October 06, 2014

Ebola Is Here In The United States

I have been warning that this would happen for the past month or so on Facebook.
That ebola would eventually come to the United States.
And surprise, surprise, surprise!
I have, half jokingly, said that I hope there is room on The Last Ship because of the irony of the timing of this latest outbreak.
And this latest outbreak is the worst since the disease was discovered in 1976 in West Africa.
When one reads the description of Ebola, there is a good reason I think that this is bigger than many want to realize.
This information from the World Health Organization does not sugar coat it. The fatality rate is on average 50%. However, there are variables as low as a 25% to 90% fatality rate. Thus, the average case of ebola gives a patient a 50-50 chance of survival.
Those are not great odds.
I expressed righteous concerns when Dr. Kent Brantly and his nurse, Nancy Writebol, came back to the United States after caring for ebola patients in Liberia. They ended up contracting the disease and are, thank God, alive to tell about it. My concern was not like Ann Coulter. It was based on what we do not know about ebola and the fact that this outbreak is now the worst in history.
What we do know is that there is no cure and any possible vaccine is in the clinical trial stage at best.
Yet we are being told by a lot of people not to worry. That people die everyday from the common cold and or flu(s). And that because the health care system is so much more advanced in the United States than that of Third-world Africa, there will be no outbreak here.
Sorry if I do not share such confidence when one Thomas Eric Duncan was able to come to the United States. And contracted ebola while in his home nation of Liberia. How many more Thomas Eric Duncans are there lurking out there?
And the same people telling us not to worry are suggesting we should not restrict travel to and from the ebola hot zone. That hot zone comprises Liberia, Sierra Leone, and to a lesser extent Guinea and Nigeria.
The absurd reasoning for not having travel restrictions all rest on one word.
Why even this dim bulb,  David Quammen, suggests because of the United States role in the development of the founding of Liberia, we can't have travel restrictions.
The problem is that we have two forces running dead into each other.
A highly contagious, deadly disease for which there is no cure up against the tidal wave known as political correctness.
Because of the racial sensitivities here, we have a problem that is not rational.
The disease hit this area of the world and did not check the "Is this a politically correct area to strike" box off as it began it's wrath. Many good people have tried to improve the medical needs of the people of nations such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria for eons. Corruption, lack of stable governments and constant warfare is the rule of the day in these nations. But the fact that this outbreak has become the largest, is it not better to contain it and try to seek at least a vaccine if not a turn around in those that have that possibility?
According to the PC police, I guess not.
Of course it make no sense but that is the way it is for now.
It is also why many of us just do not trust the government and how they will handle this situation in the long run.
Responsible treatment is needed here. And that is why this must be contained at the source. Otherwise, this will become commonplace around America.

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