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Charming-6-Year Old "Princesses" Dropping F-Bombs For Feminism

Upon first glance at the little girl in the video above, not reading the title or anything, this little girl looks pretty cute in a princess outfit complete with a tiara.
That, my friends, is where the charm ends.
The video is produced by a for-profit group known as FCKH8.
I guess with a name like that, one should expect what you see when you watch the above video.
And a little background about FCKH8 is that they are in the business of making money and supporting the usual left wing topics such as gay rights, abortion rights, women's rights, all the politically correct causes. I have no problem with them making money. Where I have doubt as to their sincerity of the cause. If they did not think that they could make a buck, they would not be doing this enterprise. There are sincere, yet misguided, non-profit groups that are all in on similar issues and I think if I were interested in pursuing their agenda, I would support one of those groups.
OK, so the video itself?
Besides a slew of lies, there are 13 F-bombs, 1 a-bomb and 1 s-bomb for a total of 15 profanities that I was able to count in a little over a minute. What you will see if you can stomach watching the whole thing is a boy dressed as a girl and saying how awful it is when the phrase "You are like a girl" is said by another boy. And the big push to make sure you buy articles of clothing from FCKH8. Their come on is that $5 of each purchase goes to some "great causes" without exactly being specific.
And they do have their detractors that claim among other things their business practices leave a lot to be desired. I found this blog that while on the fringe of the sexual issues du jour at least is sincere. And I actually agree with their premise that FCKH8 is exploiting the sexual alphabet community. Anytime a for-profit company is involved in some hip, new, great cause one must at the very least raise an eyebrow of suspicion. No matter what side of the political aisle they may be on.
I will address the points quickly because that is not really the point of this post.
The princesses toss out the debunked 'women are paid 25% less than men for the same work' meme. These links should help dispel those charges. And the simple fact is that if all were true, who would want to hire a guy when they can pay a gal 25% less for the same job. There is a lot about this, but not germane to this post.
The latest cause is that one in four women will face some kind of sexual assault at some point in their life.
Now I think that sexual assault, and it is intentionally a broad term, is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed without hysterics and hyperbole. A lot of this comes from the university in which many in academia are basically suggesting that male and female sex is an assault on women. Thus I think the one in four number is a bit much. Thus again, if one makes it sound awful and have some cute little girl princesses saying how f---ing awful it is, well it must be true.
Then the cute princesses go off about how a gal's body should not be what defines her. Of course when a cute, six year-old says that she should not have to grow up worrying about what her a-- looks like, well that gets me on the the bandwagon to allow girls, and really boys as well, to end up looking, whatever.
The issues brought up in this ad are encapsulated by Christine Sisto in this post on National Review Online.
Now, if you are reading this, note that I do keep referring to these little girls, one at least six years-old and no older than 10 at the most, as cute.
Because they are.
And they are pretty politically correct as far as the right mix. You know, an Asian. A Black. At least one Hispanic, maybe two. And at least one that looked to possibly be mixed race.
But, where was that not-so-cute fat ghetto kid? Where was she? I watched this wretch at lease three times and voila! Nothing of a sort!
And come to think of it, there was not an ugly little girl. Let's be honest, not all little girls are cute looking. Sorry, it's true. But since a girl's appearance was a big point, it would have been nice to see the ugly girl.
The closest we got to out of the box is when the Hispanic boy was in a princess dress. I guess one for the trannies, eh?
What is so awful about this is what is obvious about this.
How many of these girls actually really grasp what they were saying in their parts? Did they even understand at their age what sexual assault means? What an imaginary pay gap is? Do all of these cute girls really get what it is to be not so cute? To not be attractive?
I'm going with a big fat no.
A better commercial could have used girls, but maybe of high school age. An age in which maybe they have done a little research and come to their conclusions on their own.
But no for you see, in the mind of the left, the children are always the smart ones and have all the answers. The younger the better. And even the most complex issues can of course be reduced to f-bombs and bromides.
Clearly the material was written for the girls. Clearly, they were told to do all the ghetto hand gestures because after all, this really is being driven to a little bit older but still very young audience.
But for adults, this solidifies a sad reality.
That the coarseness of our culture knows no bounds.
Thus parent participants in this f-bomb extravaganza think there is not one thing wrong about little girls looking angry. Acting angry. Made to feel angry. So angry that yes, it's OK to drop f-bombs.
I'm going to admit to something that you probably already have figured out.
I am a sexist on this whole thing.
I do find disgusting to hear what look to be sweet little girls talking worse than I do watching the Los Angeles Dodgers go down in flames again in the baseball playoffs. I don't like girls and women who swear beyond a level one hears in a cheap bar. I do have a level of old-fashioned feelings to the opposite sex.
I open doors much easier for a girl or woman than I would a male. I would let a girl or woman go in front of me in line at the supermarket. I try to walk on the outside on the sidewalk. A lot of this is because that is what my parents taught me about how to be with the opposite sex. And another fact drilled into my noggin is to always remember that a girl and or a woman is a daughter and a sister and how would you like another guy treating your daughter or sister when it comes to things like dating and the like.
So yeah, in today's lexicon I guess I have no choice but to be characterized as a sexist pig. And I am proud of that.
Having said that, women work very hard on the job. Women are right now dominant on colleges and universities. Women make up over 50% of college and university students, a first. Women excel at all they do. And yet, yet so many that claim to speak for women make them out to be poor, helpless creatures. Except one should remember that one of the little princesses says, "I’m not some pretty f***ing helpless princess in distress! I’m pretty f***ing powerful.” in full faux tough-girl look and talk.
The bigger fear that these little girls are being raised to be angry and not trusting in the opposite sex. Angry girls and boys do not grow up into nice and sweet adults. They end up being some kind of victim. Real and or imagined, they will feel victimized. They are being set up for failure.
So why this video in the first place?
Of course its a marketing ploy and we are talking about it. No matter what the one mother and video director say on this interview with Entertainment Tonight (very appropriate if you ask me!).
It is the very exploitation that the company claims to be against. Using the cuteness of little girls to twaddle on about issues the for-profit clothing company, FCKH8, deem important. The parents that are part of it by allowing their little girls to be used this way are not all that different from Honey Boo Boo or whatever that show was called. And as a side treat, maybe they can make some bucks off the girls.
Sorry but it is not at all charming to see this video. It is depressing, quite frankly, to see some parents set no boundaries for their children. That coarse language is not so wonderful. That to make a point, you have to talk with not just your lips but strange hand gestures.
If this is what modern feminism is reduced to, we are in a sorry state. I hope and pray that this is not representative of the future of this nation.

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Will S. said...

These people themselves are truly the most hateful people around, hating all who do not embrace their worldview.

But they're too dense to see that...