Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Busy News Day

Today there is lot in the news that I want to comment on.
The re-arrest of Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman convicted of being a heretic for not becoming Islamic and was going to be thrashed and beheaded. Now it appears that they have the husband too. Something very suspicious about that.
There are some big primary elections today with implications for both the Democrat and Republican parties. Watch Mississippi for the Republican senate race. New York state for the result of the 13th congressional district primary between 22-term incumbent Charles Rangel and Hispanic state senator Adriano Espalliat. In Oklahoma is a tight race between congressman James Lankford and former speaker of the state house of representatives, T.W. Shannon. Mr. Shannon is very supported by the Tea Party but Mr. Lankford could get a lot of the religious conservatives' vote. To say the least, it will be an interesting election night.
An attempt to get a ballot innititive here in California to divide California not into two states but six states brings out the low-information voter en mass as I will prove here.
Lots to write about and I will give each one the individual attention they deserve.

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