Friday, March 08, 2013

Hey Mayor Booberg, Leave Us The Hell Alone!

I agree with Erika Johnsen at on this one as to why do the people of New York City vote for truly the most loathsome person in politics today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
And from here on in this post a.k.a., Mayor Booberg.
And now from the man that has banned the Big Gulp soda, trans-fat in restaurants, making restaurants also post in plain sight calorie counts, banning smoking in outdoor public places, and I am sure that there is more, now is setting his sight and claws into. . .earbuds!
Yup, Mayor Booberg wants to, first by "education" of course.
But what if that $250,000 program fails? Actually, the real question is how to define whether it is successful or not?
The reality is that it is too open-ended. In other words, it will be easy for Mayor Booberg, Busy-Body or whatever he is, to say gee, I think that we have to actually go further and police how loud you listen to whatever with your earbuds.
What?! I can't hear you Mayor Booberg! I'm sorry but writing this inspires me to listen very loudly to Black Sabbath Vol. 4 right about now. It is quite honestly one of the heaviest metal albums, evah! And yeah Mayor Booberg, I WANT to listen to it loud! Yes, I want my frickin' ears to bleed! And maybe as I go off to sleep in a bit, I'll just settle down by going off to dreamland with KROQ radio.
See, I kind of get the other things Mayor Booberg is trying to do. But this, telling me how loud I should or not listen to something with earbuds in my ear?
The more that this guy opens his trap about all these nanny-state initiatives, the more he reminds me of a dictator trying to build some mythical type of man. It was a big deal in Nazi Germany. All the communist nations have tried similar things.
What is stupid about all of this is that the things he is making illegal or close to it is the responsibility of, get this, parents.
That's right, parents.
Parents to teach their children about all things in moderation.
But maybe an actual real problem is that many of said parents have not even been able to help their children read. If this report is accurate, a full 80%, that eighty percent of New York City's high school graduates can NOT read. CAN NOT READ, OR WRITE OR DO BASIC MATH!!!!!
And if the want to actually get in a local college, they have to take remedial classes. IN COLLEGE!
But hey, Mayor Booberg really cares about all because he wants you to tone down that earbud.
This is what is maddening about the people of big cities that elect these morons.
Real and pressing problems are often kicked to the curb and or ignored while non-existent ones are suddenly front and center.
Under the reign or terror of Mayor Booberg, he felt he was so above all that he concocted a scheme to lift term limits so he could run and eventually win a third term. One that he almost lost because his quest to keep the mayor's job was so disgusting. And this third term has been more or less a lesson in why people like him should not be in such an elective office.
Instead of leading the way that former mayor Rudy Giuliani did, Mayor Booberg has been spending the last 12 years all but undoing what Mr. Giuliani had reformed or was trying to reform.
So he has decided to become the Jack LaLanne-in-chief instead of the mayor that maybe reformed city spending, transportation issues, real quality of life issues (like how to bring real jobs to New York City), and at least using his bully pulpit to advocate for real and serious education reform. No, it is really more important that you know, those earbuds are really dangerous to you. Like Coca-Cola. Like trans-fat. Like smoking.
Duh! Most people really do know that.
But people, individuals, make choices all the time. Whether they are overloaded with information or not.
The thrust if what this post is about is simple.
It is about people like Mayor Booberg, et al, to do all of us a favor.

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