Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can We Agree That There Is A Boatload Of Hypocrisy In The Issue Of Same-Sex Marriage?

I know, I know, all same-sex marriage, all the time, huh?
Well, sorry to disappoint those who want this post to be a screed one way or the other about the issue of SSM itself.
No, it is about the rank hypocrisy of the new found support for SSM from every crook and nanny of the Democrat party. Oh, throw in at least one Republican that exposed himself really badly and voila!
According to the Leftywhore media, support for SSM is rising as high as the tides due to Globaloney Warming. The same Leftywhore media that all but ignored this recent huge protest in Paris, France against SSM.
So, while the supreme court is about to decide two cases regarding SSM,
lets take a look at the very Democrat and some Republican pols that were against SSM before they found out that, never believe, they were for it.
Thanks to Ed Morrissey over at, he presents a short but sweet compendium of Democrat senators, led by then-Sen. Hillary Clinton and how because of her cheatin' creep of a husband, one William Jefferson Blythe Clinton and her staying with him somehow made here a paragon of virtue in the marriage world.
Uh, not so much.
Speaking of the creep, Mr. Clinton, remember how he signed the now-dreaded Defense of Marriage Act of 1996? You know, DOMA as it is now known? Because after all, he wanted to let you know that he too, cheatin' creep that HE is still believed that, when not cheatin', marriage was between one man and one woman.
And there are all these sanctimous Democrats now so fully "evolved" on the subject of same-sex marriage, they are falling all over themselves to now come out, so to speak, in favor of same-sex marriage.
Let go down that list, again courtesy of Hot Air.
As of this writing, North Carolina Democrat senator, Kay Hagan, is all cool with it. Now she is the one who has taken the biggest risk as she is up for reelection next year in a state that just passed a constitutional amendment, you guessed it, upholding traditional marriage. FTR, I don't think that she is running for reelection.
Before that, why Virginia's Democrat senior senator, Mark Warner, he jumped on the Democrat same-sex marriage freight train. And in the link, Missouri's Democrat witch Sen. Claire McCaskill, she's on the train. Montana's junior Democrat senator, Jon Tester. Check.
This so reeks of total political pandering and also how stupid these dim bulbs think voters really are.
In the case of Sens. McCaskill and Tester, they just won reelection. If they really "evolved", why not then? After all, the grossest of the bunch, our Dear Leader, President Obama, had already for a second time come out, again so to speak, for same-sex marriage before the election. Why not these two? Maybe because they were trying to win reelection in two Red states? Uh, yep, I'm going with that.
For these gutless Dems, this is the kind of hypocrisy we can expect. In 1996 when DOMA was passed, they said it was enough. That we who favor traditional marriage have nothing to worry about. That there was not going to be a rush to same-sex marriage.
And fast forward 17 years later and the same people that said, nothing to worry about can't come out fast enough supporting same-sex marriage.
But I save my Hypocrite of the Issue award for one of my own.
Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman gets the extra push to the finish line.
Like his Democrat friends, he too was considered a supporter of traditional marriage. After all, he was in congress in 1996 and voted for DOMA.
But, last Christmas, his son, Will, told Mrs. Portman and the senator that he was gay. In and of itself, that is a good thing that he was able to do so. And that his parents did not react in a horrible way. But what Sen. Portman did in response was decide as a direct result of Will's revelation, he would be a REPUBLICAN to jump on that same-sex marriage freight-train.
Why does Sen. Portman earn my particular ire?
Because when he announced his position change, he cited that he did a  lot of research and spoke with his Methodist pastor about this.
So, did he do any of this when he was for upholding traditional marriage?
My guess is not at all.
See, then Congressman Portman represented the Ohio 2nd congressional district. Very conservative and very Republican. There were just those certain issues that to win election and subsequent reelection, you have to check off that box. And I think without any thinking, he checked off the box to uphold traditional marriage.
Until it was inconvenient when Will said he was gay.
Then he supposedly really gave it some thought and came around.
Now I will say this in a bit of defense of Sen. Portman.
There is something bordering on the no-win on this. I mean, he could have said that he is glad that Will told them as parents that he is gay. He could have still done some soul-searching and come to a position of civil unions, yea. After all, it is not just about him and his family.
Some of us, including your humble blogger, have had pretty close to this situation. I do not choose to divulge the details because that is a family matter and I am not running for office. I also believe in letting people tell their story, not me possibly clouding it. However, I admit I have evolved to accept that civil union is acceptable and while a compromise that should be decided at the state level is a way to see if the concept really does work. After all, in reality this was nowhere on any radar in 1992, a mere 21 years ago. And only in Massachusetts in 2004 when a divided state supreme court said that the state had to recognize and perform same-sex marriages have we had this issue thrust upon us.
Now this is about hypocrisy, not what I think on the subject so let me go on to you people, many of you, friends of mine on Facebook. Really, I don't care if you have your red equal signs as your photo. But come on, admit that this is an attack of the Sheeple! Your blindly putting your red equal symbol may make you feel that you have evolved and are just so wonderful in supporting same-sex marriage. But how many of you have had to face what a Sen. Portman has had to when his son came to him to tell him he was gay? How would you really handle it? Would you really be totally cool about it? Those are the questions you have to ask yourself.
And last but not least the reason my ire is not on the Dear Leader, President Obama, is because he is the easiest mark of all.
He really was for same-sex marriage before he was against it. While running for Illinois state senate in 1996, he said that he favored not civil unions but full on same-sex marriage. But when he ran for federal senate? Uh, not so much again. He did his best to lie right in the eyes of Pastor Rick Warren when discussing the subject in 2008. And he had to be cowed into coming clean by his chump of a Vice-President, Joe Biden, in the months before the 2012 reelection campaign began in earnest. And yet the proponents seem to think that it is cool that he is not on their side. People, he was ALWAYS on your side. But he could not say so because he wanted to win election. And he did not say so on his own but had to be pushed by the morons of morons, Vice-President Biden.
My frustration in this serious debate is how our politicians play us for fools and yet we seem to let them get away with it.
Does anyone care the hypocisy of these people?

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