Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There Was A State Of The Union Speech Tonight?

Why I kind of sorta forgot that there was the State of the Union speech tonight from the Dear Leader, President Obama, in the hallowed House chamber at the capitol building in Washington, D. C.
I mean, what was more painful to watch?
Crazy Chris Dorner burning up in a fiery cabin near Big Bear, California? Or the Dear Leader laying out an even more audacious socialist agenda?
Honestly, I did not watch the SOTU speech. And I sort of watched the coverage of Crazy Chris, hopefully, going up in flames.
But I am beginning to think that these addresses are a huge waste of time.
Think about it.
What was the most memorable speech given during George W. Bushs' presidency? None, thank you very much. One line after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The Axis of Evil. But nothing more.
You know, before President Woodrow Wilson came around, the president never actually went to congress and gave a speech. Check that. Presidents George Washington and John Adams did speak to congress. But starting with President Thomas Jefferson and ending with President William Taft, a written  SOTU sufficed the constitutional requirement of a president. Oh, as an aside, one modern president reverted back to the written assessment of the SOTU. That is one Calvin Coolidge. Another reason to like that dude!
I mean, the highlights of the speech is basically this.
The Dear Leader wants to yet raise taxes again. He wants more government spending. He wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. He wants to pass gun control legislation. He even threw a bone to the environazis by bringing up the subject of  "climate change", aka Globaloney Warming.
And in the official Republican response, Sen. Marco Rubio refuted all of what the Dear Leader, President Obama, would like to do.
We already know that the Dear Leader, President Obama, is going to push for more government and higher taxes to pay for that.
A lot of what was said was to please the Democrat base. The Dear Leader, President Obama, knows that unless he compromises big time he will not get much of anything through a Republican House. And things might look dicey in the Democrat senate. His push for a so-called assault weapons ban already has enough Democrat opposition to kill it before it goes anywhere.
This is really about 2014. The mid-term elections. This is to see what base is more ready to fight, the Dems or the GOP.
History is not kind to second term presidents and their last mid-term elections. Just ask Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Messrs. Reagan and Bush 43 lost GOP control of the senate (in Mr. Reagan's case) or control of congress (in the case of Mr. Bush 43). And Mr. Clinton could not get back the Democrats in either House in his last mid-term. One can not help but think that the Dear Leader, President Obama, will suffer a similar fate.
So one really did not need to watch another SOTU speech tonight. There was actually a choice. Wall-to-wall coverage of a cop killer burning alive in a cabin in the mountains of So Cal or a Fidel Castro-like speech from the Dear Leader, President Obama.
And neither one was all that good.

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