Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey, Maybe Marco Should Have Pulled Out A 40-Ouncer

This really shows how depraved politics has become in the United States that I am writing about Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and his taking a drink of water during the Republican response to the Dear Leader, President Obama's State of the Union speech this past Tuesday night.
It is not that I really want to write about it, but how can I let this opportunity go by? I mean, according to CNN, why Sen. Rubio may have had a career-ender by taking that swig of water, right? If you do not believe me, here it is

OK, now CNN is saying that the caption was a JK-online lingo for a joke.
Really? If that was all it was about, then why did the cable news networks, and yes it does include a more Rubio-friendly Fox News Channel, play the above scene 200 frickin' times Wednesday?
Again, all a joke right?
Well hey, let me get in on the joke.
I would like to know if Sen. Rubio pulled out an ice-cold 40-ouncer and guzzled it on television? and I don't mean a swig to hydrate. But a guzzling to get a quick buzz on. Well, I mean, isn't that something Hispanics do? Oh, really, it would have been awesome if he had a brown-bag with the 40.
Now if you are not sure what a 40-ouncer is and are too lazy to go to the link above, here is a photo of what a 40-ouncer is. And it is representative of the low-end of the beer chain.

And look! To the right is the brown-bag cover! Class, baby! Class!
So is that real funny to you?
Nah, I did not think so either.
But there you are.
The Obamawhore media not even discussing what Sen. Rubio had to say in his response to the Dear Leader, President Obama. Oh, if you want to see it in full and what Sen. Rubio actually said, here it is.

I'll just assume that the 40-ouncer guzzle water break is included in the link.
While the Dear Leader, President Obama, offered more of the same, big government, a decline of American influence around the world and mountainous debt our great-grandchildren will be paying off, Sen. Rubio offered a conservative vision of the United States. Here are a couple of highlights:

This opportunity – to make it to the middle class or beyond no matter where you start out in life – it isn’t bestowed on us from Washington. It comes from a vibrant free economy where people can risk their own money to open a business. And when they succeed, they hire more people, who in turn invest or spend the money they make, helping others start a business and create jobs.

For example, Obamacare was supposed to help middle class Americans afford health insurance. But now, some people are losing the health insurance they were happy with. And because Obamacare created expensive requirements for companies with more than 50 employees, now many of these businesses aren’t hiring. Not only that; they’re being forced to lay people off and switch from full-time employees to part-time workers.

But government’s role is wisely limited by the Constitution. And it can’t play its essential role when it ignores those limits.

There is so much more that Sen.. Rubio said in the Republican response.
But no, the Obamawhore media is more interested in marginalizing the junior senator from Florida because, because he took a sip of water during his response.
BTW, did the Dear Leader, President Obama, possibly take a swig of water while delivering the SOTU? Or maybe he whipped out a 40. I am sure that he did have some water. Is that not maybe awkward? Just askin'.
Saul Alinsky tactics are alive and well and perpetuated by a supposed down-the-middle "news media".
Not at all.
It is why I have coined them the Obamawhore media. Nothing he does can be wrong. Why he could have dragged a kid on the dais Tuesday night and shot him to death to prove something about gun violence. The media? They would have promoted that as brilliance. Performance art maybe.
But take a drink of water?
Why it is a career-ender doncha know.

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