Friday, December 28, 2012

Yes, We Will Go Off The Fiscal Cliff And It Is Time Middle Class Americans Realize The Cost Of Big Government

I know that as I write this, there is a very small chance that the powers that be in Washington, D. C. will cut a horrible deal to avert the so-called Fiscal Cliff.
But chances are much less as the hours go on.
So, I stand by my thinking that we are not going to get a horrible deal and that the United States is going over the Fiscal Cliff.
I think that it is going to be a lesson that the middle class would rather forget, but it is necessary for the middle class to learn that big government costs real money.
And once again, Marc Thiessen of the American Enterprise Institute and Washington Post columnist explains it clearly. Clearer than House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Clearer than Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).
Let's take what Mr. Thiessen wrote here:

During Obama’s first term, federal spending grew to more than 24 percent of GDP — the highest it has been since 1946. Yet almost no one in the country (except smokers and those who frequent indoor tanning salons) saw their taxes rise.

Very true. At least at the federal level most Americans have not seen taxes rise yet the size of government is, well continuing to be out of control.
Again, from Mr Thiessen:

160 million Americans saw their payroll taxes reduced from 6.2 to 4.2 percent.

Very true.
And for a Happy New Year, when the Dear Leader, President Obama, drives the United States off the Fiscal Cliff, that 4.2% payroll tax goes back to the 6.2%.
And as noted in the column by Mr. Thiessen, one of the big reasons that we have not felt the pain, we middle class voters, is because the administration has been essentially borrowing money from our children and grandchildren.
And he should have mentioned borrowing from Red China in the form of treasury bonds.
But what is an eye-opener is that Mr. Thiessen essentially believes that it was a mistake to extend the so-called Bush Tax Cuts.
Why, pray tel?
Because while it did seem to be a quick win for the then newly majority Republican congress, all it has done is continue to let the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his policies off the hook.
In a way, it is big government on low taxes.
But, we all know that the Dear Leader, President Obama, wants to increase taxes on the eeeeevvvvviiiiilllll, filthy, stinking rich folks. The once one percent and now two percent of Americans that make a lot of money. Well, those that are unfortunate to earn $250,000 or more.
Ok, will that solve the problems of spending and taxation at all?
Oh, it is estimated that if the Dear Leader got everything he wanted, it would amount to 30 weeks of savings over 10 years. About three weeks a year.
So, again, why not drive over that Fiscal Cliff and let the middle class understand the brunt of expanding government? And let's throw in that the reality is about wealth redistribution? Something that most middle class Americans do not even realize is up President Snidley Whiplash Obama's sleeve.
Trust me folks, my state of California is on this course.
The passage of Proposition 30 was touted as saving education. And a tax on the rich.
Only that is not the fact.
The fact is that the tax revenue will be raised by not just taxing the rich but increasing the state sales tax a 1/4 cent per dollar. Which means that Californians minimum sales tax is now 7.5%. In Los Angeles county where I live, we now have the pleasure of paying a sales tax of nine percent.
Now that does not seem like much, but if one wants to make a big ticket item like appliances, a new car, something along those levels, people may start to think twice.
The point is that government costs real money.
And at some point, people need to realize that.
And maybe, driving over the Fiscal Cliff is the only way to make Americans realize the real cost of having Barack Obama as president.

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