Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Saw A Crime On Chirstmas Night

Christmas night 2012 seemed like any other quiet night.
It was little before 8pm and your humble blogger was getting ready to take Cashew, the Little Guy and Scout the Wonder Dog for their long evening walk.
As I was walking along our street, I saw a silver vehicle speeding down the road. It was being chased by a police car.
Now before the speeding vehicle caught my eye, I did hear a tremendous screeching sound before hand. Then saw a silver vehicle that I thought was one of those big two-ton Ford type pick ups. Apparently, it was an SUV. And what followed was a totally black police SUV with lights and sirens blaring chasing the truck/SUV.
What happened next is very haunting.
Two lights from where I was with the dogs I saw and heard it.
The suspect truck/SUV hitting another car. I could not tell what kind of car was hit. But it turns out to have been a minivan.
It was vicious. The sound. SLAM! And losing sight of the minivan that was hit, yet seeing the suspect vehicle spinning around down the street halfway over the freeway bridge to the next light.
It is all reported here in the local fishwrap.
Yet until reading the article, I did not know that anyone had died. For I did have my dogs with me. A rambunctious puppy and an oldster dog that can barely keep up. So I dared not go further as it was dark and I did not know what to expect.
The police SUV that was chasing the suspect SUV had come to a stop. The sounds of sirens began to screech as I turned down the other street where we continue our walk. It gnawed at me the rest of the night. What was the car that was hit? Were the person or people in that car OK? What about the person or people in the SUV that hit the other car?
The other thing that I thought about in the whole thing is how fast these things happen. But I knew that the minivan that was hit was simply trying to make a left-hand turn. Maybe to get on the freeway for Maple Street is a freeway frontage street. But they had no idea that they were about to be smashed by a speeding SUV. There was no way that they could have stopped as they were proceeding to turn to avoid the speeding SUV. And two people ended up being killed. More than likely they were on the side of the minivan where impact occurred.
But a family's life is ruined. And four people who were breaking the law by evading the police did commit an even worse crime by speeding in one of their SUV's and smashing a minivan of innocent people.
And I saw it all. And I do have a haunting feeling knowing that people died. The closest I have seen this kind of death. And I hope to never see anything like it again.


Socially Extinct said...

OH wow! I read about that and thought of how it was in your hood.

Personally, I think the person driving the SUV should be executed on the spot.

Righty64 said...

Trust me, I feel the same way. These cretins may be connected to a murder that occurred earlier in the day. And what the article did not mention is that the police car chasing them was an undercover one. So there is more to the story.

Will S. said...