Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The House Gets Down To Business Under New Management Tomorrow

Tomorrow at this time, the Republican party will be in control of the House of Representatives and it is going to be a time to reflect on what that really means.
For one, the agenda will be totally different than that of the departing congress, led by Nancy Pelosi. It will not be an agenda of expanding the federal government. Ideally, led by Speaker presumptive John Boehner (R-Ohio), it will be trying to roll back the excesses of the Democrats, led by the Dear Leader, President Obama, himself.
Next Wednesday, it will vote up or down on repealing the most intrusive piece of legislation ever passed by congress, Obamacare.
But on Thursday will be a real treat.
The binding document of this Great Land, the constitution will be real aloud in the well of the House.
Imagine that, the lawmakers having a reading of the very document that they swear to follow and uphold.
Why that should make Ezra Klein happy. Maybe if the constitution is read aloud, he will understand such a document.
In case you do not know why I reference Mr. Klein, it appears that he is not all that sure about a document that is over a 100 years old. Actually, over 200 years old, but hey, who's counting? Especially if all that old talk is so confusing!
The point of reading the constitution aloud is to affirm that this congress will do all to follow and uphold the very document that they are working under.
It is the most amazing document of any age.
It is clear and concise as to the role of the federal government. The state governments. The role of the three co-equal branches of government. And, there is a mechanism to make changes to the very constitution that was approved in 1787. In fact, the 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights came in 1791. For it was known that the original document left some things unsaid and undone.
However, the constitution guidelines make it difficult to add amendments willy nilly. And that is intentional.
An amendment has to pass the House and Senate by two-thirds vote, sent to the state legislatures were it must pass each House by a two-thirds majority and three-fifths of the total states must approve.
It is a grueling process but it is cognizant of the fact that changes are needed from time to time.
Which is what makes the original document absolutely timeless.
What is really important is that Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership get it right this time. They are not being sent to just make cosmetic changes to the Democrats reckless legislation. They are being sent to stop any further recklessness on the part of the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his congressional cohorts. They are being sent with an agenda to cut the size and scope of the federal government.
I think that they get it this time. And that is why tomorrow at this time, the new House management team will be in high gear to do what they promised to the American people.

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