Monday, January 10, 2011

The Faces Of Evil And The Faces Of Heroes

Take a good look at the above photo. It is the face of evil. It is the mugshot of the most reviled man in the United States today. It is the mugshot of Jared Loughner, the suspect in the Massacre in Tucson this past Saturday.

This "man" smirked for this mugshot and when he was arraigned in federal district court in Phoenix. Oh, why Phoenix when the crime was committed in Tucson? Because Mr. Loughner killed a federal judge, John Roll. And all the other judges had to recuse themselves. So, on to Phoenix.

This is now up against mounting evidence that this "man" was not playing with a full deck. In this article from the Daily Mail, it appears that Mr. Loughner had a creepy shrine to a human skull in his backyard. And that he was obsessed with the Mayan Prophecy that 2012 is all she wrote for mankind. Yeah, this guy is real right-wing material. Yeah, he's a real Tea Partier. And maybe even president of the Tucson chapter of the Sarah Palin Fan Club.

Which leads to the next face of evil.

The above photo is that of the Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dips---.

There, I wrote it!

It is what this "sheriff" is, a certified dips---.

While he should be providing information about the investigation into the events of the Massacre In Tucson, "Sheriff" Dips--- is still pushing his own theory, based on not one shred of evidence or fact. That what drove Mr. Loughner over the edge is, wait for it. . .RUSH LIMBAUGH! SARAH PALIN! GLEN BECK! The Tea Party movement!

"Sheriff" Dips--- is hell bent on making sure to let anyone and everyone know that he is not one them there racists or bigots that is running his state. No sir, he is the enlightened one. The sheriff with so much knowledge that he keeps running his seemingly senile gums that this horrific event is not the fault of Mr. Loughner. It is because he may have listened to Rush, who he really zeroes in on in the latest diatribe from the chief law enforcement officer of Pima County. Link Again, there is not one bit of evidence to anyone's knowledge that Mr. Loughner has any discernible political point of view. And "Sheriff" Dips--- spouts the same left-wing talking points that anyone from MSNBC can do. And without drooling all over themselves.

Radio talker Mark Levin on today's show made the point that the more "sheriff" Dips--- keeps talking the way that he is, it will create a possible insanity defense for this "man", Loughner. And I worry that he maybe spot on.

While one can go on about evil and banality, there are those that need to be focused on that were true heroes this past Saturday.

Above is Dorwan Stoddard. Mr. Stoddard made the ultimate sacrifice
this past Saturday. Mr. Stroddard and his wife, Mavanell, also known as Mavy, were going to tell their congressman, Gabrielle Giffords, that they thought she was doing a good job as their representative to congress. As all hell broke loose, suspect Jared Loughner, began his carnage, Mr. Stoddard pulled Mavy to the ground to protect her. And in the end, Mr. Stoddard was shot in the head and died.
Both the Stoddards were deeply Christian people. Both were active volunteers at Mountain Avenue Church of Christ.
It reminds me of the story in the Holy Bible when Jesus himself speaks of no greater love than that of sacrificing oneself for another. In that, Dorwan Stoddard showed no greater love than giving himself to his beloved Mavy.
I only hope that I, God forbid, were in such a situation that I would be the same as Dorwan Stoddard.
And that is how I want to close this post.
There is evil, the act committed and the act of trying to place blame where none exists.
But it is the act of love that one showed for another that ended up being the ultimate sacrifice.

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Anonymous said...

The real scary thing here isn't the killer but the Sheriff. People like him drive people to commit crimes like this. A person who gets an idea in his head & sticks to it, regardless of the facts. They ruin other peoples lives, distort the public's views on things & ultimately do more harm than the crime, such as the case of the WM3, where a Judge made 3 young men sit in prison for 17 years all the while denying their appeals even though there was clear DNA & undisclosed hidden evidence of their innocence. Not only were there 3 unsolved murders, but 3 other lives being destroyed ...all because 1 man lacked the ability to reason & accept the fact that he might be wrong. Even when 2 out of 3 of the victim's parents publicly protested the wrongful convictions! This type of person is the most evil. They fool us into voting for them with their bold "in your face" & "committed to do right" speeches, all the while blinding us to the fact that they lack the intelligence to reason. Beware of figure heads like this. People in the public's eye, like sheriff Dip**** because in the long run they do much more harm than one man with a gun could ever do. As for this idiot gunman ... WHEN are we as a society, going to put down our "politically correct" way of thinking that we are a superior race, and punish these people correctly? I laugh when I hear "we are sending a message to all the would-be..." This is possibly the most laughable line used by media & the law. Obviously since the U.S has one of the highest crime rates in the world, we haven't been too successful sending that message. Punishment needs to become just that,PUNISHMENT. Look up the word. We have distorted that too. Punish this man with the evilness that he used if you want to send a message. Forget human rights and what Mr. & Mrs P Correct in the bible belt and upper class white America are going to say and PUNISH him. Public canning, 100 lashes per victim. If he dies, oh well. If he lives, throw him in a room with the relatives of the victims and let them take care of him. Inhumane you say? well your bible states "an eye for an eye". Why is the bible taken literally for some things and ignored for others? When they commit a vile crime such as murder, they gave away their rights. They should be treated as they treated their victims. Let people see that and maybe they WILL think the next time they pull a gun out so easily. A drastic change in our criminal justice system is needed. The punishment no longer fits the crime in the U.S. 2 million people in prison, 11,000+ murders a year, 85% return rate to prison before 1 year being free, a 90% overall return rate and a prison system with more rights for the prisoners than for the guards. Pathetic. It is well known that in prison one can obtain anything from their drug of choice to sex, booze, weapons and comfort devices such as cell phones & now smart phones,if one has enough money. This is a joke.
It is obvious that we have some pretty incompetent Judges and Prosecutors representing us. We need to accept the fact that there are and will always be people among us who think and act like this madman. People who WANT to kill, rape, torture and harm others. People who WANT to sell drugs, do drugs, steal, victimize others, set fires, molest children, scam, and do all the things we have deemed "wrong". The only thing we can do about it is try to instill the fear of retribution within all people, so that they think twice before acting out, such as public canning, and also make prison a place that nobody want to be in. Education and isolation instead of handball & weight lifting in the yard. Are we Americans so vein that we can not look at other less violent countries for inspiration and admit that our country has become out of control and in need of change?