Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Donald Is Losing Fox News With New Megyn Kelly Tweets

One thing about ol' Donald J. Trump that we are finding out is that his hair is not the only thing that is thin about him.
It appears that his skin is even thinner. Why I'm not sure how the heck it stays on it is so thin.
Yesterday, Fox New Channel's Megyn Kelly returned to her show, The Kelly File after a planned 10 day vacation. That vacation was not long after the Donald and his Trumpettes pummeled Mrs. Kelly for daring to ask the Donald some tough and pointed questions with regards to women. Many of the Trumpettes took to social media and believed that they actually influenced Mrs. Kelly and or Fox News Channel in a "hasty" vacation. Many believed that Mrs. Kelly would not be back on the air because of the terrible way she treated the new Jesus himself. How dare her ask the Donald about how he treats women. How dare Mrs. Kelly ask about the fact that the Donald made what most conservatives only a few months ago a comment about his daughter's figure and that if she wasn't his daughter he would be trying to date her.
That got under the skin of the Donald and his Trumpettes who believe that he was not asked serious questions in the GOP presidential debate. It did not matter that he got more air time than any other candidate and went over the allotted time on more than one occasion.
So, for your perusal, here is what the Donald thought about Mrs. Kelly's return to her show via his Twitter account:

I liked the Kelly File much better without @megynkelly. Perhaps she can take another eleven day unscheduled vacation.

"@bigpaulfla: @realDonaldTrump She has come back looking like Nancy Grace.

"@mstanish: @realDonaldTrump @megynkelly The Bimbo back in town . I hope not for long. 

Yes, this is what we want in the next potential president of the United States. A childish assault on someone for daring to ask questions. Hey Donald, what will you do when say a conservative talk show host like Hugh Hewitt will ask you tough questions during the next debate? Are you and your Trumpettes going to diss Mr. Hewitt? Call him a bimbo?
Well, many of the staff on Fox News took to their twitter accounts and had a lot to say. This link gives a good summary. But one in particular caught my eye and that was Trump supporter, for lack of a better word, Sean Hannity and this wise tweet of advice:

My friend @realDonaldTrump has captured the imagination of many. Focus on Hilary, Putin, border, jobs, Iran China & leave @megynkelly alone. 

Sage advice that I am sure the Donald will not take.
For the fact that the Donald wasted time on the fact that Mrs. Kelly was even back on the air shows what his priorities really are. It's not illegal immigration. It's not dealing with Red China. It's not about jobs. It's not about Hilary Clinton and the Democrats. Hell, it is almost never about Hilary Clinton or the Democrats. The priority about Donald Trump is to remind people about how butt-hurt he was because someone asked him some questions he did not want asked. He didn't like the questions so he attacked the questioner.
Some conservatives think that Fox News is getting soft and not all that conservative. Sure there is Sean Hannity. But really, they are moving left because they have hired some establishment MSMers like Howie Kurtz to host the show Media Buzz. But what that shows is that Fox News is trying to be a news operation first. One that, yes, can be fair and balanced in news analysis. Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News is not some lefty as he was one of President Richard M. Nixon's press people. The irony is how much Mr. Nixon hated the media.
But to have any Fox News employee on a debate stage asking softball questions of any GOP candidate, or Democrat, would be very offensive. The fact that Mrs. Kelly chose to ask about the Donald's relationship with women is I am afraid fair game. The reason is because of comments made by the Donald himself.
Which is what the Trumpettes need to take a deep breath and ask themselves, if our guy freaks out over this, what happens during a domestic or international crisis? Will President Donald explode publicly? Will he take to Twitter and make a delicate situation worse? George Will dared to ask that question and he got the RINO treatment from the Trumpettes.
The most important way to see a candidate is how that candidate reacts to situations. And whenever the Donald is not in control of any given situation, he does not do well. He gets personal and down in the gutter. To me it shows a lack of temperament. It shows that the Donald is not ready for prime time.
After all, the Donald is beginning to lose Fox News, his most favorable outlet. It does not bode well down the road.

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