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Hey College Kids, Don't Major In Economics In College Because You're A Hater Or Something

This is but another reason that it is even impossible to have a semi-reasonable discussion with a socialist liberal on pretty much any issue.
I get that to many college is supposed to be a certain kind of experience. You know, to open one up to a world of possibility. For someone to discover one's self. It can be, for many, a truly life changing experience.
For others, it is part of a career path. And some people will major in economics. And get an undergraduate degree in said subject.
But, according to Professor Lisa Wade, if you are an economics major and worse, understand economics, you are probably "anti-social". Which is probably code for just being a hater.
No, I am sorry to write, this is not a joke. This is based on an article she wrote, "Are Economic Majors Anti-Social?"
I mean, why read the rest of the article when she answers the question in the very first word?! Well, I read it so you don't have to.
Needless to say, Prof. Wade answers her question with a "Yep".
Now what does the esteemed Prof. Wade actually know about economics herself?
I will have to say very little to now knowledge of economics since she is a professor of sociology.
But right after her affirmative answer, Prof. Wade suggests that people who do take economics whether it be classes or as a major were already anti-social to begin with. And that once they are done, they are less likely to be generous (Re: wanting to give up hard-earned money to the government), don't want to share (again, they oppose socialism), specifically less generous to the needy (which seems to be a redundancy of not being generous in the first place) and more likely to lie, cheat and steal. And Prof. Wade links to this site that has studies to buttress her argument.
So Prof. Wade writes about a study by two economists, Yoram Bauman and Elaina Rose that cites how stingy that they are because they offer two examples of what they can donate and or financially support when they register for school. So what do they offer as two examples? Take a look.
WashPIRG (a left-leaning public interest group).
ATN (a non-partisan group that lobbies to reduce tuition rates).
What is missing here?
How about a conservative group? If there was a conservative group, would more econ majors support that or similar groups? Well, I don't know because they did not seem to include that third option.
So, if you are an econ major, because you don't want to financially support a left-wing "public interest group" or a supposed non-partisan group, you are anti-social! But if you are just taking econ classes and not majoring in econ, you're cool!
Choice of where one's money goes makes one anti-social.
What the study and or studies do not bother to do is some follow up. Such as where the econ majors ended up. What did they do beyond their employment such as what organizations they belong to and whether they financial support such organizations.
Nope, based on some flimsy studies at best, they make a harsh assumption that their natural "anti-social" tendencies make them more likely to end up being econ majors. And the further they pursue that degree, the more "anti-social" they become.
As noted in the post by Aurelius, giving money to liberal and or non-partisan groups does not make one a better person. What about giving to one's church, temple or mosque? What about giving time to a cause that is meaning to that person?
But of course sociologists do not have to really worry about the consequences of bad monetary investments. They judge one's proper social behavior as if they support leftist causes. Especially with money. The fact is that an econ major is going to be exposed to more than "neo-classical" economics as cited by Prof. Wade. As such they will be critically thinking of what has worked and what does not work. And that determines their attitude to any given group and what they are promoting.
So what is WashPIRG? Well, it's a typical left-wing group. Among the issues that they are all about include the overuse of anti-biotics at "factory" farms. Closing those pesky corporate tax loopholes. So-called 21st century transportation (that means walking, bikes and massive public transportation). Now yes, a person learning about economics and that includes economic theory is going to have some of their tuition money go to this group.
SMH* until I bleed!
And what about the ATN group?
Well, the acronym stood for Affordable Tuition Now. Wait, what do I mean stood for? This is the closest thing to find this group even existed.
Imagine that.
Econ majors don't want money to go to a group that may or may have not really existed.
Again, SMH until I bleed!
The problem that is not really a problem in that people who have a basic understanding of economics will deal with matters in what economically benefits them. That does not mean that because they do not want to give money to left-wing causes they are anti-social. They are simply employing choice. They are possibly waiting until leaving college and getting a job to find their cause to support. Whether that be financially and or by being a member of any given organization. In fact, who is to say that someone with a degree in economics would not possibly even work for a left-wing group and or promote leftist economics?
Kids, I am here to write to you that despite the propaganda of how terrible you are and even worse wanting to major in economics, it's perfectly fine. Go ahead and seek a degree in economics. And use it well. To your ability. Not the ability of grifting left-wingers.

*-SMH - Smack My Head

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