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Say, Did You Know That There Is A Revolution In Venezuela

Yes, we have seen the people's revolution in The Ukraine pretty much unabated. The cameras roll as the people forced out pseudo-President Viktor Yanukovich and turned the capital city, Kiev, into semi-anarchy.
But did you know that there is a revolution in Venezuela as well?
No, you didn't?
Hmm, maybe one of the reasons is that the dictator, President Nicolas Maduro, cancelled the press credentials of four of CNN's journalists covering the revolution. After all, the dictator, President Maduro, has pretty much taken over all media in Venezuela. Sorry Howard Stern, but dictator President Maduro is the King of All Media. At least in Venezuela. And for good measure, dictator President Maduro wants CNN en Espanol to "rectify" it's coverage of the revolution for it, well it just undermines his reign of terror.
The dictator President Maduro took power when the previous dictator, Hugo Chavez, died of cancer. At least President Chavez had some charisma and a solid following. President Chavez was a high-brow thug. Dictator President Maduro, well he is lower than a low-brow thug.
Want an example?
How about the murder of former beauty queen Genesis Carmona? She was not a political person according to an uncle, Jose Gil. But a former Miss Tourism state of Carabobo, Miss Carmona was tired of the economic deprivation caused by the insane socialist policies caused by Caudilo Maduro. Those policies have led to food shortages. Shortages of basic staples such as bread, and milk. Oh, and throw in baby food too.
According to witnesses at the protest, a group of roughly 50 thugs on motorcycles armed with handguns and that they fired into the crowd. Miss Carmona was shot in the head and later died at the hospital. And do you know that the government "investigators" are suggesting that one of those that were protesting with her did the deed. What makes this ridiculous is that Venezuela has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the world.
Now there are many more examples that I can provide about what is going on in Venezuela that our venerable American leftywhore media is ignoring. But a great source of information is Fausta's Blog. It is a clearing house of information that is primarily from non-American news sources.
Why is the American leftywhore media ignoring this story?
Well, Ed Morrissey over at has some interesting observations, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal:

From Mexico to Brazil, most Latin American governments have remained impassive as the Venezuelan government violently cracks down on growing protests, arrests opposition leaders and censors most of the country’s media.

Ideological affinity with Venezuela’s leftist government and economic interests, including the country’s oil largess, have complicated the response—or lack thereof—in the region. “The silence has been deafening,” said Michael Shifter, the president of the Washington-based think tank, the Inter-American Dialogue.
That lack of condemnation gives Mr. Maduro a lot of political leeway to increase the pressure on his opponents, according to former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge CastaƱeda. “There is no Latin American government that is going to lift a finger,” he said.

Yep, it is clear that South American nations that have freely elected left-wing governments, kind of sort of like the fact that the dictator President Maduro is not letting go of power. For it is defending the left-wing ideas that is important to these governments.
Basic human rights? Fuget bout it!
In fact, again courtesy of Hotair, an advisor to the Argentine president, Cristina Kirchner, Luis D'Elia, tweeted this in reference to opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and his arrest by Venezuela police (he surrendered peacefully):

(Mr. Lopez) should be shot by a firing squad as an agent of the CIA.

Oh yeah. This is an advisor to President Kirchner. I would love to know what she thinks.
But back to the lack of coverage from the American leftywhore media.
According to Mr. Morrissey's post, here is a breakdown of the big three networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) and what is on their websites:

ABC had no new information on their website as of 12noon, EST today. The last update was February 19. That is this past Wednesday.
CBS did report something on this last night but in a comparison of coverage between The Ukraine and Venezuela, two nations facing revolution in the streets.
NBC has 15 mentions regarding The Ukraine on the front of the news web page. And what about Venezuela? Not a mention.

Does our so-called news media not even care about a revolution less than 500 miles off the United States? One has to wonder because it has not stopped. It is only getting larger. It could be that they are afraid to report and or try to get on the ground coverage since the overt threats of the dictator President Maduro. So what? It is their job to report on a real news story. This is a real news story whether they choose to minimize coverage or not. They are ceding ground to foreign outlets that will do anything for the story.
If you do go to Fausta's Blog, scroll down because you will see photos of hundreds of thousands if not millions out in the streets taking on the dictator President Maduro. Does that not rate for some more than cursory reportage from the American leftywhore media?
Or is it that our media overlords do not want to make the dictator President Maduro look bad and keep making Venezuela sound like heaven on earth? After Red Cuba, of course!
I think that it is a combination of things. Yes the American leftywhore media does tacitly support the leftism that permeates in Venezuela. But I also think that they are too scared to send reporters in and or depend on local media contacts. They do not want blood on their hands.
But despite the lack of coverage, the revolution will continue in Venezuela. And maybe at some point, our media will do some real reporting on it.

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