Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No My Liberal Friends And Relatives I DON'T Want To Talk Obamacare Over Turkey


And if the following post does not drive you insane, Nanny-state soon to be former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants you to squeeze the trigger for gun control in between turkey and the annoying Obamacare advocate. UGH!

And for me, the lefty libs are, well my entire family, living or dead. Oh, I do have a secret Republican nephew, but he'll probably be working.
And no, I will not be spending Thanksgiving with my family. Part of the reason is the poison of politics. The other part is that in the past we all gather at my retired school teacher brother's home in San Diego. About a 100 mile drive and usually four hours to and fro.
But enough of my family drama.
Many of you will face the same fate Thursday and will, sadly, be unable to avoid having those lefty relatives bring up not just politics that you have no agreement about. But they well specifically bring up the dreaded Obamacare.
No folks, its not just about a website. Its about what an abject failure O-Care is and will be.
So how will these annoying relatives begin conversing with you, you crazy right-winger that they are really embarrassed that you are related?
Well, because they need the assistance, they will get their talking points right from the website Health Care For The Holidays.
I kid you not.
But to remind these robots, they also get this e-mail, provided that they get off Facebook and Twitter. And remember this from the second line of the letter.

"Chances are, folks at the dinner table look to you mostly as a voice of reason on the subject."

Oh, BTW, if you go to Health Care For The Holidays, you have to sign up for the details about conversing with us Neanderthals on the subject. I already get enough junk e-mail so no thank you. I did not sign up.
Now if you are a split gathering, or almost split politically, won't you kind of have a lot of people that do not look to the initiator of O-Care conversation as a "voice of reason" on the subject. I know I would not think that person is a voice of reason.
But if you get corralled by that annoying, probably college-age dim bulb of a relative that is getting in your face, Ace at The Ace Of Spades has some helpful retorts to verbally pummel that relative you won't invite back next Thanksgiving. Its helpful to have the back up, but because most of us knew that this would not work, we could probably do well enough on our own. Oh yeah, when you bring up your concern about the "death panels" that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin brought up, maybe you can steer them over to this from Mark Halperin from Time magazine. NOW the leftywhore media is telling us that it was right there in the legislation. In black and white. And he has the testes to say that the media should have been doing more investigative reporting on the subject. No, these Obama lapdogs were too busy shilling for the bill and in fact mocking Mrs. Palin for bringing the subject up at all. When your O-Care warrior relative stems and stammers, just walk away. Which you probably should have done in the first place.
I don't know. Call me old fashioned but when a family gets together usually for the one time of the year in such a setting, the last thing on my mind is bringing up politics and certainly not O-Care. You have more than likely debated these relatives on Facebook already. Why must people ruin what should be a happy occasion with such crap?
Because as some dude said on the perpetual campaign trail, you have to get in the faces of those that do not fall in line with the Obama agenda.
Oh yeah, why it was the Dear Leader, President Obama, himself and the First Lady, Michelle Obama telling acolytes that. And what better time to get in their faces than Thanksgiving? What better time to shill for O-Care? What better time to impugn your relatives and or friends for having "bad" health care coverage that they were perfectly happy with?
This is the poison of the left. That nothing is sacred or that there can be a truce on a day where there should be fun and happiness. No, they are so hell bent that they are so damn right on any and everything that they have to spout off. And get talking points to do so. Really Obamot, you have nothing else going on in your life that you can talk about with those relatives that you have not seen in a year or longer? You don't have a social life? A girlfriend, boyfriend or even a same-sex relationship that's worth talking about? A job? Anything else than shilling for a dude, a party and an idea that really does not give a crap about you? If that is the case, you lead the most pathetic life I know.
So as Mrs. RVFTLC and I visit friends this Thanksgiving, if there is a lib in the house (probably not because these are pretty conservative folks, but maybe have that lefty interloper), I do NOT want to talk about O-Care with my turkey. Now give me that drumstick!

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